'Big Announcement' For Assassin's Creed Coming Soon & Revelations DLC Now Available

GameBlurb writes, "With the launch of the first DLC for Assassin's Creed: Revelations and a major announcement coming directly from Ubisoft tomorrow, it is looking to be a good week for we fellow assassins!"

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MicrocutsX22117d ago

Facebook page cover photo is a picture of snow....

junk3d2117d ago

I saw that too....maybe the east coast 1700s is actually true? Or Russia seems like a good place to go as well.

JamestheScruffy2117d ago

From the looks of the snow on the Facebook page, it really could be from any of the big rumored settings for AC III (Revolutionary America, Russia, China), but I think the thing that caught my eye the most was the tracks in the now: Lines of very similarly shaped dents in the snow...

My thoughts: These look like military formations which would give credibility to the Revolutionary America rumor.

Dlacy13g2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

have a friend who works for a print company in the UK and leaked to our podcast that he did a cover for the AC3 reveal. Snowy landscape is for the 18th Century America... New York. You can bank on it... you will be climbing all about NY during the revolution.!/OC_P...

SavageKuma2117d ago

New DLC looks pretty interesting indeed, great post by the way.

Bay2117d ago

I hope it's something good....the AC series needs something major before it starts getting stale (which AC Revelations kinda was to me).

Bay2116d ago

Revelations was, to me, where I drew the line between stale and not stale. If it's still the same thing after Revelations...then yeah.

DankJemo2117d ago

Cool more content... But wasn't there only supposed to be 3 games?

Lucreto2117d ago

I hope its AC3 but it might be another multiplayer dlc.

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