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Pokémon Black / White Version 2... On the DS?! Why?!

Last Saturday’s announcement of Pokémon Black Version 2 & Pokémon White Version 2 was rather shocking. We knew that there was going to be a Pokémon game announcement, and we all knew that it was likely going to be the third installment of the fifth generation Pokémon game that would most definitely include new Kyurem forms. We didn’t, however, see it all.

A big shocker was that both Pokémon Black & White Version 2 will be for the DS and not the 3DS. That’s right, the new main series Pokémon games won’t be for Nintendo’s latest handheld. (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon Black/White 2)

KingNintendoFanboy  +   905d ago
I think it could work out if the features mentioned in the article do in fact turn out to be true.
Knight_Cid  +   905d ago
the same reason why persona 4 was on the ps2, or god of war on the ps2
KumaKreations  +   905d ago
That is indeed weird especially if it is a second version, it would mean something improved and has it on the 3ds but it being on the DS just makes it confusion.
Knight_Cid  +   905d ago
its only confusing if youve been arond gaming for a week
KumaKreations  +   905d ago
Not necessarily KID....because you have two of the same just one with version two on it, why not just make version two on the 3DS with better graphics and a 3D fight system!
Knight_Cid  +   905d ago
your calling me a kid when you dont even know the history of gaming?

Seriously dude?

This is a sequel, A brand new game

Do you think this is the first time a game has come out when there is a new version out?

Well do you?

gamefreak ade drill dozer 1 year after the ds launch on the gba. Same with fire emblem. Same with god of war 2 on the ps2, sale with perosna 4 , same with alot of other games
svoulis  +   905d ago
I think he was more-so referring to your user name not actually calling you a kid.

Anyway, the reason why those games remained on PS2 was the development. It was too far into development to just drop the God of War II and start over again.

The same could be said about Pokemon B&W 2. Maybe they just want to stick with the engine that powered the prequels and because DS has such a high install base already it seems logical. I agree with the author, if Nintendo made both a 3DS & DS version of the game, it would please both parties.

A lot of people are like "the 3DS plays DS games so its not big deal" Well it kind of is when the only other Pokemon game you have on the 3DS at the moment is a stupid Wii remake.

Everyone is hailing how the 3DS will get its own Pokemon game but the case still stands that if a company wants to really push a product and fill people with hope and what not. They should eventually deliver and as it stands the 3DS only has a handful of games that really meet those standards.
BlackjackCF  +   905d ago
Black and White 2? They couldn't have titled it something else? >_>
turokgames  +   905d ago
They ran out of colors, duh :P
KingNintendoFanboy  +   905d ago
Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will be the next ones on 3DS! I'm calling it now!
PaladinXII  +   905d ago
Are you not in favor of color blind people having a place in gaming? j/k

Seriously, it's a direct sequel, similar to the Final Fantasy games with immediate follow-ups (X-2, XII-2, XIII-2).
TopDudeMan  +   905d ago
You know, at first I was sceptical, but turns out there are a shitload of DSes out there.
CrzyFooL  +   905d ago
People still love the DS and a jillion people don't own a 3ds yet.
mamotte  +   905d ago
"Black & White 2... I just heard the name and played all the game in my mind. And you know what? It sucks"

This is nothing new. Blue, Red and the "sequel" Yellow were in GB. Gold, Silver and Crystal in GBC. Ruby Sapphire and Emerald in GBA. All third versions of the game were in the same portable console, so what's new here?

Reasons? There's a lot more of DS users than 3DS users. That way, you can sell more and more copies, the game doesnt feel rushed, and, if someone wants to play it, will probably buy a 3DS since it's backwards compatible. It's a simple "two birds, one stone" scenario (apparently impossible to understand)

You can extend the life of the console. Also, a lot of people are waiting for the almost secure 2nd version of the console, so they can sell a brand new pkmn game with, idk, the 3DS dualstick or something. There's a lot of smart reasons to do what they're doing.

Now, about it being called "2" instead of a color... I dont know what to think. I suppose (and hope) the story will be new, a real sequel to the game, and maybe -and dreaming- the level top will be up to 200, so we can transfer our team from b/w and start with all trainers at level 70-80. If not, and it's a version like platinum... I'll ve bery dissapointed.
imbrawler  +   905d ago
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imbrawler  +   905d ago
i wounder if it will be possible to use the same save from the original and start from there as a new story

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