No Final Fantasy 13-3

The words "To be continued" at the end of Final Fantasy 13-2 is no indication of a third part of the 13er series. Square Enix also confirmed that it was in Final Fantasy 10 is a high-definition remake of the PS2 classic.

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Ranma12245d ago

FF13-3 should not be made

brish2244d ago

Wow, a negative story about FF XIII-2 posted by ranma1. Who would have guessed! O.o

I bought FFXIII-2 and I liked it.

If they make FFXIII-3 I'll be getting that as well.

Lelldorianx2242d ago

The numbers keep getting more and more ridiculous...

Godmars2902245d ago

Square will continue to say that the game's not being made, until they announce that its being made. That's just the logic they seem to be operating in currently - Can't see the issues of such reasoning, especially when many who where once loyal to franchise are vocally saying they don't want it.

Wolfbiker2244d ago

I don't mind cliffhangers....if a sequel follows.

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