Mass Effect 3: Second review

Unlike the first review of Mass Effect 3, magazine PSX Extreme provides an overall score for EA's upcoming RPG.

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MsclMexican2271d ago

good score..

very excited for tuesday

Fylus2271d ago

Same here. I'm totally addicted to the multiplayer, and the campaign will be a huge bonus for me. It's been awhile since I'll have bought a game well worth the money.

CommonSense2271d ago

Every game like this will ALWAYS get a score roughly in this area. it's just the rule when it comes to the mainstream gaming media.

You won't get any honest reviews about AAA titles from just about anyone. The mainstream will pretend the game is way better than it is. and the non-mainstream will be like "dude, OMG! head shots are awesome." because apparently 99% of gamers never exceed the mental maturity of a 12 year old.

CarlitoBrigante2270d ago

Pre ordered ME3, but I'm even more hyped for Journey the exclusive PSN game.

Long Live Play

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2270d ago

PSX not used to reviewing Mass Effect games. ;)

upallnightgamer2270d ago

And some fanboy had the idiocy to complain about how LOW the score is. If all they had to complain about was how the graphics KINDA took a hit, then overzealous fanboys need to shut the hell up and enjoy the freaking game. I'm the biggest fan Mass Effect ever had, but you won't catch me complaining about how low they score on critics' ratings because their high points FAR outstrip their low points.

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ghaleon19802271d ago

One of the best RPG's in years? Sweet!

Blackpool2271d ago

Lol, with all the BS around this game i can't believe people will buy this....

vickers5002271d ago

Some people are willing to overlook small issues if it will mean they will have a good time.

Sure the DLC stuff is annoying, but it wont stop me from enjoying Mass Effect 3. I'm getting the collectors edition for 70 bucks (had some amazon credit) so that one character dlc doesn't really affect me.

For those getting the standard edition, yeah it sucks, but it's not as if the game will be an unenjoyable pile of crap without it. It will still (most likely) end up being a great and fun game, and that's enough for some people.

MsclMexican2271d ago

Ok I get it... sure people are pissed of at EA and Bioware for the first day DLC and all the other DLC nonsense.

But for the love of god, most of it is not needed. I mean really is that new team member going to do anything for you?

Probably be like Kasumi or Zaeed where you do a loyalty mission, but after that have no interaction with them.

EA's practices are questionable.. hell they are down right dirty, but no one can deny that Mass Effects are good games.

The problem is EA ended up pissing of ME fans like me.

Im still getting this game because I love Mass Effect. Not Ea.

Even though they are getting my money :(

Tainted Gene2271d ago

@ at above

Zaeed was probably my favorite team member in the game. Plus his loyalty mission was one of my favorites in the whole series; especially if you do the paragon route.

Kasumi's mission was also extremely fun to play and hope ME3 lives up to my relatively high expectations.

Nitrowolf22270d ago

And as the guys over at the playstation blog cast have said it
"It's a shooter with RPG elements"

Not an RPG with Shooter elements

humbleopinion2270d ago

@Nitrowolf2, they got it wrong then:
Mass Effect is an RPG with shooter elements. Borderlands is a shooter with RPG elements.
The difference mechanics-wise between these two is so vast that you can't even classify both games into the same category.

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SeraphimBlade2271d ago

The only real complaint is the graphics? That's the best only real complaint there is!

can'twaitcan'twaitcan 'twaitcan'twait

afterMoth2271d ago

The animations are very dated as is the gameplay but the gameplay has improved some. The story is what this series is for.

gunnerforlife2271d ago

so your alright playing a game thats outdated by at least 3 years in the graphics department ? to me this looks ugly when compared to UN3 Gears3! hell even GTA4 stands toe to toe with this!

SageHonor2271d ago

Wait until you see the endings and how choices play out.. LOL

Megaman_nerd2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I'd rather play a FINE game like Mass Effect with outdated visuals than playing another FF game like XIII. Impressive visual but that's all it has.

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ginsunuva2271d ago

Try looking at the pc version and not cowering in fear of the ugliness.

PooEgg2270d ago

Graphics do not matter to me as long as the game is enjoyable.

Brixxer6002271d ago

Just started another playthrough of ME1 to get in the mood

honkyjesus2271d ago

Pretty low score for such an anticipated AAA title.

Rage_S902271d ago

How on god's green earth is a 9 a low score? I guess game's have to be 10/10 for you to play them huh? Jesus christ i can't believe some of the things i read on this site. Or you're trolling.

JeffGUNZ2271d ago

@ Rage. Thank you. Gamers are so pathetic this generation. 9 is an outstanding score.

teedogg802270d ago

It's pretty obvious who disagreed with you lol.

C0MPUT3R2270d ago

GOTYs get 9.5s & 10s
This game isn't winning game of the year.

FutureTechnologies2271d ago

Another gamer that wants all is favorite titles overrated to perfect 10

honkyjesus2271d ago

I don't really care for Mass Effect. If you look at titles this big a 9 may be low, also taken into effect is what site it is from. Cheers.

Lord_Sloth2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I swear to god fans like you make me disassociate myself from Umanity! Grow the hell up and that's a higher score than I'd give it!

Pintheshadows2271d ago

Kudos for the sly illusive man reference.

Crystallis2271d ago

you think a 9 is a low score? I would love to know what you you think an 8 would be.

Sony3602271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

What, 9/10 is a low score?

That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I thought people saying 8/10 is low were bad.

You are everything that's wrong with todays generation of gamers.

Laxman2271d ago

As a games reviewer myself, I hate seeing people calling a 9 a low score. I mean, I can score a game I enjoy and that is genuinly good a 7/7.5, because that translates to 75% perfect. When the hell did 75% of perfection turn into an insult or a bad score? And now a 9/10 is a low score? Thats rediculous.

honkyjesus2271d ago

I review games, too. You can't spell "ridiculous" but you are a games reviewer?

Laxman2271d ago

My apologies for misspelling a word in the comments section of a news site flooded by over-opinionated 'trolls' and fanboys. Find a spelling error in my reviews and ill give you a free game. Its always good to meet a fellow reviewer too, who do you work for?

PooEgg2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

@honkyjesus: Who do you review for? I need to know what I should avoid in the future, because a game reviewer that thinks a 9 is a low score is not someone I want to be taking advice from.

upallnightgamer2270d ago

It's 9/10. That's excellent. Your response is like calling Beethoven's 9th "an ok piece of music."

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