Rare: Banjo franchise possible on Xbox Live Arcade

With so many gamers crying out for the Banjo franchise on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, some gamers are now starting to cry out for the Banjo franchise on the Xbox Live Arcade. In the last edition of the Rare Scribes (where gamers send in questions to Rare and they provide answers), one question asks Rare of the possibility of Banjo on the Xbox Live Arcade

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UnblessedSoul3642d ago

Banjo's greatness stayed on the n64 now it's just crap

ParaDise_LosT3642d ago

Since Ps1 and every other thing not in this gen is out of date
FFIV-FFVIII ,MGS1-2-3 , GodofWar , RE4 LoZ:OoT and every other
older Game
Sucks Ass.

socomnick3642d ago

How would you know nobody has played the next banjo.

BloodySinner3642d ago

What's the matter, son? Is it because it's not coming to the PS3?

Waffle-boy3642d ago

...when you havent even played it? Prejudice?

Lets just hope we get the classics. Not "Banjo Kazooie: Party Animals".

ParaDise_LosT3642d ago

The game was handed over to Krome Studios

bym051d3642d ago

I really hope that means we can see a sequel to Blast Corps too!

BlackIceJoe3642d ago

I would so like that. Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini were great games made by Rare but did not sell well. But I still would be up for a new Blast Corps and throw in too Jet Force and I would be so happy.

Even if there just remakes or just come out on Xbox Live I would be ok with that.

Plus I think it would be cool to see Banjo on Live.

romaink3642d ago

when the new game is released, get out there and buy it!
Rare worked really hard on the underrated Viva Pinata and got very small returns as gamers ignored the game.

TheMART3642d ago

Yeah it's like Psychonauts. Also a great game, but didn't sell well.

Psychonauts and Viva Piniata should be bought a lot!

zonetrooper53642d ago

Viva Pinta was an excellent game but it was crappy that only a few people bought the game.

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