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Submitted by skowhegan 1445d ago | news

Sony explains discrepancy between US and EU PlayStation Stores

Eurogamer: "Sony has, finally, gone on the record to explain why some games that launch on the US PlayStation Store don't make it to the EU PlayStation Store." (PS3, Sony)

Yi-Long  +   1445d ago
If the problem is rights and perhaps localising...
... and the example given is Trine 2, than why is Trine 2 available on the EU XBLA Marketplace!?

Also, for many people in the EU, we just want the english version, instead of waiting for a 'localised' version.
sinncross  +   1445d ago
Whether you like it or not, SCEE`s policy is to get content available to most of the countries in the region at the same time, rather then showing favour for say UK because they just need the English version.

I am not saying that SCEE is right, but you can understand where they are coming from in trying to please as many of their fans simultaneously.
tigertron  +   1445d ago
Definately, but it is annoying for us Brits and even Irish that have to put up with waiting despite the US and Canada speaking English.
novcze  +   1444d ago
I'm sure Yi-Long is talking about non-English speaking countries, most of EU understand English good enough to play games. They aren't that dialogue heavy usually.
aCasualGamer  +   1444d ago
Although i can see where you are coming from @Tigertron you have to realize we live in Europe. That's why it's called SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) and SCEA(-||- America), there is a difference. SCEE have many countries that they have to cater to, where SCEA have only two countries to worry about.

It's bad for us, because we have to wait extra. But you can understand why that is.

Although, i gotta admit, if Trine 2 is on the EU XBLA then this is just BS.
Yi-Long  +   1444d ago
Novcze is right...
... I was talking about the non-english countries where most people are able to comprehend basic English enough to enjoy the games, and many have a pretty good grasp of it.

Those who don't can choose to wait a little while longer for a localized version.

Personally, I hate localized releases though. Especially if they're FORCED localizations where you don't even have the option to choose the original language.
NewMonday  +   1444d ago
Brits should just use the NA PSN
Razongunz  +   1444d ago
that is true, but still annoying..

if a game is in english then get it to EU..80% of the gamers here in EU will buy it..

i'm from norway. and i prefer the english speaking language.. same goes for sweden and denmark because those are pretty close AND similar to us, germany is good in english.

only countries that actually struggle at a degree with english are russia and spain and even alot of gamers from these countries know english...

its kinda annoying that they w8 to localising stuff because the minority doesnt know english in the EU.
mep69  +   1444d ago
SCEE Sony Computer Entertainment England

I called it
RedDead  +   1445d ago
I'd love to ask why the layout sucks too in the EU one?

Anyway, the way it is.

Xbox = US then EU then Asia.
PS3 = Asia then US then EU.

That's just how it happened
tiffac008  +   1445d ago
Although its true that we get some contents/games earlier here in Asia, especially after Japan. They are mostly not in English but rather in Chinese.

So we still have to wait for the US version to come out first before we get an English Asian version.
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Panzerkanzler  +   1445d ago
Agreed. Those of us who went to school and learned english are tired of having to wait for localised versions for the english-impaired. Release the english only version ASAP and then the localized versions as they get done.
caseh  +   1444d ago
Well said, why EU should wait. Release English version straight away and simply patch in languages as needed.

EU always gets screwed, bunch of games never even reach EU PSN, I've been waiting on King of Fighters '96 forever.

Not only that but they are more expensive when compared to the US store, this wouldn't bother me other than the fact you cannot credit a US store account on an EU PS3 using a bank card. You need to buy US PSN cards off Ebay etc which is what I might start doing from now on.

Screw EU PSN.
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Ladonna48595169   1445d ago | Spam
SilentNegotiator  +   1444d ago
Talk about old news....
zeddy  +   1444d ago
im sure if they put some more time and effort in trying to get games out here we would get the same amount of games in the US. just look at ps plus, we get a pathetic amount of content compared to america but we still pay the same price. lets face it, sony will work as hard as they can on the US psn and get to us whenever they can.
MattS  +   1444d ago
It's also worth mentioning that a proper localisation for the UK market will be slightly different to the English version that is available in America.

Localisation isn't as easy as people think; there are entire textbooks on the subject, and it needs to be done for every single location.
PixL  +   1444d ago
But you have a choice not to wait. Make a US account, buy US PSN card (I know many online shops that sell them) and enjoy your content. There are many people who prefer localized games, even if they have a grasp of English.

I buy most Sony exclusives domestically just to support their local office, though most of the time I choose to play in English. They localize all games, which is very nice from the customer's point of view. It shows that they care about the local market. To the contrary, Microsoft never localizes their games fully. Even Kinect games for children come with subtitles, which is totally stupid. It shows that they don't give a damn about foreign markets (and mutually, gamers in non-English EU generally don't care much about Microsoft consoles).
EVILDEAD360  +   1437d ago
'It shows that they don't give a damn about foreign markets (and mutually, gamers in non-English EU generally don't care much about Microsoft consoles).'

Hence the reason by this logic that 'generally' most trolling from you and others comes from outside of the US. Actually makes perfect sense.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1445d ago
Not sure why they are saying finally, the same thing has been said over and over.
MaximusPrime  +   1444d ago
Yea, it's all old news. But it's good to be reminded for newcomers
FrightfulActions  +   1445d ago
How about explain why you cannot change your country region after making an account... Do people not ever move? I have to purchase my PSN content through an alt account because my primary is EU.
FinaLXiii  +   1445d ago
Still not an excusse for the lack of PSOne Classics.
Sizzon  +   1445d ago
exactly, still waiting on syphon filter 2 and all three spyro games.
coryok  +   1444d ago
there are some games on the EU store that arent on the NA store, breath of fire 3 for example. NA wont let it release (or any other similar port btw) unless the port comes with extra content, while the EU will. its kind of dumb, the end user (us) shouldnt have to deal with this stuff, its their job to get the game released here. we shouldnt have to beg them to take our money
Hx3KinG  +   1445d ago
they told us this months ago.
coolasj  +   1445d ago
Dubbing and Subbing new voices and lines takes much longer than anyone thinks.
typikal82  +   1445d ago
Changing all of those S's to Z's takes a while guys
OMEGAZONE  +   1445d ago
we've known this for years, i think the UK and Ireland should break away from the EU. It sucks we have to suffer because of the rest of Europe.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1445d ago
I set up a US account and bought redeem cards off ebay.
That way you get everything.
Its really easy to set up too and its worth it especially
if your into the PSone classics the US store is 10 times better!
TheColbertinator  +   1444d ago
Just wish the US store which I use could match the Japanese PSN store.They have bar none the best store of all.Tons of PS1 games,exclusive Japanese demos and even PSN RPGs.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1444d ago
Yeah i know what you mean i have
a japanese account too (its addressed to the
konami headquarters in japan lol) but the problem is the games are
obviously in japanese and i cant speak Japanese unfortunately
plus not sure if you can buy the redeem cards
for the japanese store on our ebay?
Still the US store is alot better than the EU one,
we always get things last on our store,demos,betas,PSone classics etc.
Took ages to get all of the old tomb raiders in
our store and they were made here in the UK!
so annoying.
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ninjagoat  +   1445d ago
Bubble for you sir ;)
nik666uk  +   1444d ago
how hard is it to open network accounts for all 3 stores? Took me 5 mins
Rhythmattic  +   1444d ago
Sony, what about the discrepancy in the US/EU pricing of the UC3 adventures pack.

$21.95 on the US Store , however, on the Aus store its $39.95 .

$21.95 converts to approx $25 aus inc GST.

Please explain.

Out of principle , I will never buy this.
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JayD-1K  +   1444d ago
What's to explain? you just said it had to CONVERT the money from US to Aus! Not trying to be rude but, if i lived in a country where i got paid in balloons, than THAT'S what it will cost me!!

People really should stop comparing US currency to other nations currency. There's a few factors that goes into the exchange rate and of course price.

If I paid $25 here in the US and some body in JPN paid 2500 Yen or 25 pounds in GB I think, Fair!

To me, that's a standard PRICING for a product, no mater what the Tax is. NOW, once you start adding your nations taxes and what ever else THEY decide to tack on well.......that's your government's fault if it adds up to be more!

So, unless you're living in a foreign country and you are getting paid in US dollars, there's really not a problem.

not trying to be rude but, i never really see any body in the US doing this! And right now, the dollar isn't as strong as it used to be!!!
Rhythmattic  +   1444d ago

Right..... what your saying is If I give you $1 oz dollar, youll give me 1 US dollar, However you give me 1 US dollar you expect $1.50 Aus ?

Its a global economy ffs, and unfortunately, mostly based around the greenback.

The cost of Manufacture and shipping for DLC would be pretty much on par. Sure, maybe some taxes, maybe some server handling fee's, but double the Price???

"If I paid $25 here in the US and some body in JPN paid 2500 Yen or 25 pounds in GB I think, Fair! "

not trying to be rude but.......Thats the stupidest thing i've ever read....

I can log in right now on the US store, and buy it for less than half price... But of course, the DLC is region protected.

I can buy things on ebay (and other sites) , from the US, based on the exchanged rate....

Why cant I on PSN ?

Is that so hard to understand?
JayD-1K  +   1443d ago
I hate to brake it to you but, the world doesn't always go the way you want! and just because one site does it, doesn't mean they'll all do it!

Look man, you seemed to completely missed the point about YOUR government controlling certain aspects of your economy.

They may have put certain restrictions on what can and can't be done through the PSN!?

Well, when I lived in Japan, I got paid IN US currency. When the dollar was strong I would get more Yen in the exchange. When it was weak, I got less than a dollar for 100 yen. The funny thing was.... I didn't cry about!

That's the way it is! Your right, it is a global economy and sometimes, you get the short end of the stick (if you feel that way)I guess!

and no matter what it is, whether it's food or's still just a PRODUCT!
PixL  +   1444d ago
Hey, I can buy a loaf of bread or a 0,5 l can of beer for equivalent of your $1. If you have to pay more (which I'm sure), are you going to stop buying bread and beer?
Rhythmattic  +   1444d ago
Locally produced product pricing will reflect wages, Taxes, etc ...

But DLC..... Software???
irepbtown  +   1444d ago
Try living in England, everything is three times the price here.
hazelamy  +   1444d ago
yes, the one, single, solitary thing scee does well.
coming up with excuses for their uselessness.
Hallow  +   1444d ago
EU store has things we don't , not sayin EU not getting screwed cause you are.
I downloaded 3 vita demo's from EU store the US store don't have , wipeout 2048, top darts, and A-men but they won't install , tells me "only the owner of this account may install this content"
Is there a way around this?

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