ZTGD | Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review

Terrence Johnson writes: Alan Wake was a game that, before its release in 2010, I figured I would never play. It’s not because I wasn’t very interested in the premise, but because I figured it would go the way of Duke Nukem Forever (yes, I am aware that it finally came out, but it hadn’t in 2010). When I first saw the trailer prior to the Xbox 360 launch, I was instantly excited by its promise of being a psychological thriller. When I finally got to play it, I loved every minute of it. The story was excellent and the graphics were top notch, but I did miss the open world that was promised. Despite that minor disappointment, Alan Wake made me a believer. Fast forward to 2012, and with hopes of playing a sequel and finally getting the answer to all those questions that the first game left us with, I picked up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

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