Chris Rock Could Have Been in Jak and Daxter

It is the year 2000. Comedian and actor Chris Rock is nearing the height of his powers. Sony's stable of video games, on the other hand, was not. Sure, the PlayStation had been a breakthrough, but the world-devouring juggernaut that was the PlayStation 2 was in its infancy.

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-Alpha2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Ew. May as well have renamed the game Jak and Donkey because that's all I'd be thinking

-Alpha2210d ago

Oh wait that's Eddie

LoaMcLoa2210d ago

Hahaa xD Bet you thought he was Obama too, eh?

roadkillers2210d ago

Okay I make a joke about Kyle being a Jew in a South Park article and it gets taken down immediately for being offensive, yet it's fine to crack a couple Eddie Murphy and Obama jokes...

Now don't get me wrong I like these type of jokes... but we need clarification of crossing the line. Where the N4G handbook when you need it?

HarryMasonHerpderp2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

haha so glad he turned it down!

yesmynameissumo2210d ago

Seeing how he handles voice over work, glad he wasn't.