From Generic Bullet Fodder to Distinguished Heroes: Koreans in Video Games

Kotaku writes:

"Are you a North Korean?" I've been asked this question as often in America as I've been asked by Koreans if I own a gun, because all Americans own guns.

The answer to both is "no". The two questions are too absurd to be borne, and the answer to both questions is obvious, but if you don't know anything about Koreans or Americans, except through movies and games, how could you know? Who is the most famous Korean in video games that you know and how does that affect your view of Korea? Let's round up the usual suspects and look at Koreans in games—namely how the country has been portrayed in both Japanese and Western games.

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kreate2147d ago

I didnt know there was a LT Kim who is korean in gears of war 3. Interesting ...