The Binding Of Isaac eShop Release Blocked By Nintendo

Due to "questionable religious content", the release of The Binding of Isaac by Super Meat Boy designer Edmund McMillen has been canceled on the Nintendo eShop.

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Vinc3602274d ago

Sad news, I wanted to play this on my 3DS...

Snookies122274d ago

Wow, really Nintendo? REALLY?? I have this game on Steam, and it's good fun for sure. Jeez, they've gone completely kiddy on us. No wonder they don't have much 3rd party support when they pull things like this. :\

Titanz2274d ago

Though the public backlash (christians) wouldn't be too good towards the device.

Vinc3602274d ago

It's a great game, that's all I care about. So yes, I think a Vita version would be perfect!

Deadpool6162274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Nintendo doesn't want to risk botching their squeaky clean family friendly image.

The game is excellent no doubt, but you have to admit the content of the game is pretty F'ed up and disturbing in a comical way.

I can see it coming to Vita/PsP.

Vinc3602274d ago

Hopefully we get a Vita version of this, though it seems unlikely since a deal with MS blocked the PS3 version... I really wanted this one on a handheld.

DarkBlood2274d ago

thought that was just for super meatboy?

chanmasta2274d ago

I like how people hear one thing, so they automatically begin to lash out at Nintendo without even knowing their side of the story.


Sobari2273d ago

God, human beings are so easily butthurt these days. It's pathetic.

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