PlayStation Store Global Update – February 28, 2012

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week's PlayStation Store Update.

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doctorstrange1789d ago

K3 for free! Got the game, but just like the idea, hopefully they do it more often

Geneva554088891789d ago ShowReplies(1)
dbjj120881789d ago

I'll definitely try KZ3 multiplayer at least.

mayberry1789d ago

at least... entire game is BOSS! try it and see :)

insertcoin1789d ago

Hmm... I'll just bide my time for Mass Effect 3.

ftwrthtx1789d ago

If I didn't already own KZ3, I would jump right on that.

T3mpr1x1789d ago

LOL @ the Dead Space 2 DLC price drop. A whole $2.00! That's like, 200 cents!

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The story is too old to be commented.