Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward officially announced for North America; confirmed for Vita/PSN

New Japanese title heads to North America on Vita and 3DS later this year.

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rezzah2187d ago

Sounds interesting, looking forward to see gameplay.

NewMonday2187d ago

if you have a vita but no PSP get Corps Party, another Japanese Adventure games

rezzah2187d ago

One of the first things I did when I got my 1st edition.

I was planning to long before I got it too.

Currently on Chapter 3, near the end. The game is twisted, which is very good thing.

Acquiesc32187d ago

999 is easily one of the best game experiences I've had. I have no excuse not to get a Vita now.

jc485732187d ago

one of the best visual novels I've played in a long time.

NewMonday2187d ago

keep hearing that, but it wasn't released in the west, you played the Japanese version?

Acquiesc32185d ago

Yep, it had a western release already.

ElasticLove2187d ago

Its official, I have to get a PS Vita by the end of this year.

IRetrouk2187d ago

now dont hate cause i dont know but what is this series all about?