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Microsoft’s Mistake or New Left-Handed Controller?

GamerFitNation: "Earlier today, I was navigating the Xbox.com website when I noticed a new bundle with an alarming new accessory. If you look at the picture that is posted above there appears to be a new controller coming with the limited edition bundle that appears to only be useable by gamers that are left-handed." (Xbox 360)

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Sarcasm  +   969d ago
uhh... Clearly its a poor photoshop mistake by the idiot who designed that photo.
SaffronCurse  +   969d ago
Much like the idiot who designed the site and the idiot who screwed up the forums to the extent of having 90% of their forum community vanish.
AngryTypingGuy  +   968d ago
I'm a lefty and I could never play that way. Some games have the "southpaw" option in the control menu, I don't know if anyone actually uses it or not. Moving with the right joystick and operating the camera with the left would seem so foreign to me.
joydestroy  +   968d ago
i'm a lefty too mate and just no lol no way i could play like that.
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inveni0  +   968d ago
How would it be useable "only" by left-handed people? Aren't left-handed players using "right-handed" controllers right now? If so, couldn't it right-handed players use a "left-handed" controller.

I love how Photoshop mishaps and stupid people are suddenly news worthy.
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MrMister  +   968d ago
Microsoft hasn't even spent any money making new games in the last year (or for this year), so why would they even spend money making a lefty controller (as cool as that would be for lefties).
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PersonMan  +   968d ago
That's exactly what I was going to say. This stuff happens all the time. The person swings the photo around mirror-image to fit the design and doesn't realize the controller is backwards. It happens with computers in magazines too... I see backwards logos once in a while.
xtremeimport  +   968d ago
i saw this on their site yesterday and laughed.
this is a stupid article.
Magnus  +   969d ago
I wouldn't mind using a left handed controller see what its like. Someone just made the mistake when they put the photo up Microsoft will fix the mistake.
Skip_Bayless  +   969d ago
How about it would be mistake to make a left-handed controller :p
BitbyDeath  +   969d ago
Hands and fingers are two different things.
I'm left handed and i can say i would not use that, it is just backwards.
ChiVoLok0  +   968d ago
Yeah the only things I have trouble is tapping buttons real fast with my right hand but other than that it's all good.
Soldierone  +   969d ago
I just want to know how you honestly create this mistake? lol
younglj01  +   969d ago
Ok I'm confuse I'm left handed and never thought I need an special made controller.Was this request or is MicroSoft just trying too release this ideal too see how it works.

I dont have a 360 but I would like too try an left hand controller just too see how it feels...
Patriots_Pride  +   968d ago
I am left hander and would find it strange to use this controller as well but I think thats becuase the right handed scheme is edge into or memory already and we are use to it - think about driving a stick car with the stering wheel being on the the right hand, even though we are left handed we feel ok with driving it.

Maybe MS is looking into having an option on the 720 controller where you can change around the controller scheme.
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pr0digyZA  +   968d ago
Theres a lot of us left handed people over here. I personally have never had an issue with normal controls (in fact I've never thought about it till now).
NegativeCreepWA  +   969d ago
The only time being left handed has interferes with gaming for me is when I use a wii mote or move.
NiKK_419  +   968d ago
Yeah, but with those you CAN switch hands, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Anyway, I don't think most left handed people have a problem with a standard controller, but this is obviously just a bad photoshop.
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NegativeCreepWA  +   968d ago
Actually switching hands puts the movement joystick in your right hand so it is an issue. Its not easy moving with your right hand if you've been doing it with you left for years.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   968d ago
Then in terms of gaming, you're right handed. Since that's what you're comfortable with. lol
NegativeCreepWA  +   968d ago
And thats the problem, I need to use the pointer in my left hand at the same time. The only way it would work for me is to have the joystick on the wand.
Droid Control  +   968d ago
I'm left handed and this just looks stupid. Why?

As a left handed person I find the Wii almost impossible to use though. It just never felt right playing so I gave up.

Finished Metroid Prime though, didn't bother with the others. Too much hard work and the graphics were hurting my eyes after coming off a 360.
gcolley  +   968d ago
being a southpaw player i find it hard to run and jump at the same time
Whore_Mouth  +   968d ago
The "B" button is on the wrong side.

Obviously it is a slow-ass news day for this guy.
SignifiedSix  +   968d ago
Comment from the site.
"you idiot, its a mirrored image"

And that's the exact same thing that came to my head lol.
lonix  +   968d ago
I doubt Microsoft would make a left handed controller, I mean all you have to do is look at their mice. The bent ones
R834  +   968d ago
Feel sorry for the people in the site's comment section who can't understand how just the controller can be mirrored.
eXclurel  +   968d ago
We can move the camera with our right hand tumb and the caracter with the left. We use our fingers for the exact sae job so it's unnecessary to make a left handed controller. It's a photoshop mistake nothing more.
specialguest  +   968d ago
This reminds me of something
Way back when convenient stores like 7-11 used to have arcades, on a rare occassion I would stumble upon an arcade for left-handed players where the stick and buttons would be on opposite sides. Playing it lefty style was impossible, so I had to criss-cross hands and somehow make it work. ahhh...good times.
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LeonhartX  +   968d ago
i am left handed and i find this offensive
kma2k  +   968d ago
Im a lefty & i can honestly say almost every specialist made for left handed people things are all crap! You ever tried cutting with those damn left handed scissors in school? They would even cut paper for the love of god lol
duckduckdeuce  +   968d ago
Lefties unite! Except this is why I rarely feel the need to log in on n4g.
ziggurcat  +   968d ago
it's called the "flip horizontal" tool in photoshop, guys, not a left-handed controller.
maniacmayhem  +   968d ago
It is definitely a mistake. Another thing one has to think of is why is MS going with the old d-pad style for this new controller and not the swivel found on all the new ones?

Because that swivel is nonsense and breaks way too easy when used too much. The fact I have not seen any articles about this issue is mind blowing. There's Xbox forums and YouTube videos complaining about this issue.
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arnyftw  +   968d ago
Complete bs, either ms fixed this, or this was photo shopped. Just checked Xbox.com and the controller is normal.
xtheownerzx  +   968d ago
most likely Microsoft fixed the image. It didn't look like that yesterday.
Zephol  +   968d ago
nice photoshop
Veni Vidi Vici  +   968d ago
I'm left handed and would use it. When playing an FPS, I have to use the Southpaw setup so if I ever want to jump while moving, I have to bring my right index finger over the top of the controller and down to the jump button. You can't move with your right thumb and press the jump button at the same time because they're(the move stick and jump button) both on the same side.

That's just one more reason I rarely ever play FPS's on a console.
CaitSith  +   968d ago
Fun fact: Bill Gates is left handed.

Edit: A lot of lefties in N4G... I'm guilty of being one with the lot. I don't think I'd be able to use it, despite being a lefty myself. I'm too accustomed to the 'right' design.
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FinaLXiii  +   968d ago
im right handed lol.
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molotov99  +   968d ago
Back when Infinity Ward was releasing developer diaries for Call of Duty 4 I noticed a play-tester using what looked like an official lefty Xbox 360 controller. It might have just been a custom mod, but it still looked like an official product! Just sharing what I saw.

Fast forward to 1:48 in the video to see!


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