Microsoft’s Mistake or New Left-Handed Controller?

GamerFitNation: "Earlier today, I was navigating the website when I noticed a new bundle with an alarming new accessory. If you look at the picture that is posted above there appears to be a new controller coming with the limited edition bundle that appears to only be useable by gamers that are left-handed."

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Sarcasm2113d ago

uhh... Clearly its a poor photoshop mistake by the idiot who designed that photo.

SaffronCurse2113d ago

Much like the idiot who designed the site and the idiot who screwed up the forums to the extent of having 90% of their forum community vanish.

AngryTypingGuy2113d ago

I'm a lefty and I could never play that way. Some games have the "southpaw" option in the control menu, I don't know if anyone actually uses it or not. Moving with the right joystick and operating the camera with the left would seem so foreign to me.

joydestroy2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

i'm a lefty too mate and just no lol no way i could play like that.

inveni02112d ago

How would it be useable "only" by left-handed people? Aren't left-handed players using "right-handed" controllers right now? If so, couldn't it right-handed players use a "left-handed" controller.

I love how Photoshop mishaps and stupid people are suddenly news worthy.

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MrMister2112d ago

Microsoft hasn't even spent any money making new games in the last year (or for this year), so why would they even spend money making a lefty controller (as cool as that would be for lefties).

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PersonMan2112d ago

That's exactly what I was going to say. This stuff happens all the time. The person swings the photo around mirror-image to fit the design and doesn't realize the controller is backwards. It happens with computers in magazines too... I see backwards logos once in a while.

xtremeimport2112d ago

i saw this on their site yesterday and laughed.
this is a stupid article.

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Magnus2113d ago

I wouldn't mind using a left handed controller see what its like. Someone just made the mistake when they put the photo up Microsoft will fix the mistake.

Skip_Bayless2113d ago

How about it would be mistake to make a left-handed controller :p

BitbyDeath2113d ago

Hands and fingers are two different things.
I'm left handed and i can say i would not use that, it is just backwards.

ChiVoLok02112d ago

Yeah the only things I have trouble is tapping buttons real fast with my right hand but other than that it's all good.

Soldierone2113d ago

I just want to know how you honestly create this mistake? lol

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