Fallout On Wii U Would Be Perfect

Connor Beaton writes: "You’re in the middle of the Capital Wasteland, surrounded by danger; not only are there scavengers more than willing to kill you for your bottle caps, but there are also the massive and muscular Super Mutants, along with a whole menagerie of other irradiated beasts – including, of course, the terrifyingly threatening Deathclaws. Having just come out of an encounter with some Raiders with a crippled leg, you decide that your character should use a stimpak, just in case some more monsters catch him off guard: a PC player hits Tab, then clicks on “Stimpak”; an Xbox 360 player hits B, then hits A over “Stimpak”; and a PS3 player hits Circle, then hits X over “Stimpak”. What does the Wii U player do?"

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frequentcontributor2242d ago

Well, I'm not sure it's a great idea to strap the tablet to your arm while using the Wiimote and Nunchuk, as well... Seems like a pretty basic "put the inventory menu on the tablet screen" suggestion to me, which is pretty obvious.

firelogic2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Yeah, it'd be great to keep taking your eyes off the screen to look down at the controller. Fantastic idea. The screen is going to be a glorified menu screen like the majority of DS and 3DS games. Sure there are a small number of games that made use of it in a useful way but jacking up the cost of the hardware so I have an inventory screen is ridiculous.

Connoro2242d ago

I'm actually trying to say that forcing the player to take their eyes off the screen would add to the experience; removing the ability to pause adds a "Dark Souls"-esque level of insecurity, while creating the kind of tension and atmosphere that would fit nicely into the post-apocalyptic wasteland: you can't leisurely move through menus, you have to consider the landscape, evaluate the threat level, and act accordingly.

GameTavern2242d ago

So by your own admission it can lead to some interesting game development... but because most games will use it as menus it should be dropped entirely?

We've seen some interesting uses for it already, and hopefully it only improves as we learn more about the console.

kneon2242d ago

There is a reason the military, and even some higher end consumer vehicles use a heads up display. When the action is hot and heavy the last thing you want is to have to look away.

Using the Wii U screen for menu's is fine for some games, but in high action games it would be detrimental.

That being said I think for Fallout it could be fun since there is an in game equivalent. But strapping it to your wrist is an idiotic idea, have you seen the size of that controller?

Knight_Cid2242d ago

i like a menu on another screen

turgore2242d ago

SOny could do this too by using the PS vita. they could do it today if they would so wish.

Connoro2242d ago

Nobody in their right minds would publish a PS3 game that would rely on the player both owning and having at hand a PS Vita. Yes, it's a function some developers will take advantage of, but developers can't trust every player to own both a PS3 and a PS Vita - but with Wii U games, all developers will know that the player has a tablet controller.

kneon2242d ago

Well Sony might, the investment is probably not that huge and it can lead to new Vita sales if they implement some compelling additional features.

It would be interesting to see in a years time what percentage of Vita owners also own a PS3, I would guess it's likely above %75. If that is the case then by the time they have sold 10 million+ Vitas then it could very well be worthwhile to make better use of the Vita in PS3 games.

--Onilink--2242d ago

one genre where i see a lot of potential is RTS. WE could basically get a whole bunch of those buttons we miss so much from the PC version. And we could get the option to work on 2 diferent areas at the time, which would be awesome. Imagine controlling things with the buttons while on the screen there is a massive fight but you can still manage your town/resources on the touch screen

LX-General-Kaos2242d ago

All jokes aside I would absolutely love to see Starcraft 2 on the Nintendo Wii U. Hopefully the game could run on the equivalent to medium/high settings with no frame dips. Im playing starcraft 2 right now against the AI. I paused it and seen your comment at the perfect time.

LX-General-Kaos2242d ago

Fallout just like any other multiplat title would run like a dream on the Nintendo Wii U console. With every game running at a set 60 frames per second with no dips, in pure 1080p with absolutely no screen tearing. The Wii U would provide the Ultimate Fallout experience. Just as it would for any 3rd party game.

With 3rd party gamer performing as if they were running on a high end pc, how could you not appreciate the Nintendo Wii U? There will be something special for everyone that does the right thing and makes an investment in Nintendo.

If you ever had a dream. It may come true through the Nintendo Wii U

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