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Call of Duty Vita coming sooner we can expect ?

According to some documents, Call of Duty may come sooner than we can expect ! (Call of Duty: Allied Mobile Force, PS Vita)

Credit url: psvitagen.fr
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Magnus  +   1185d ago
I am surprised Activision has not ported MW3 on to the little handheld yet. Everybody knows when the new COD game is announced in November it will be on the Vita as well. If Activision brings it to the 3DS they will bring it to the Vita.
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supremacy  +   1185d ago
Cool, sounds interesting if you ask me.

It wouldnt make much sense releasing this game in the fall when all of the console power houses releases and potentially a new console from nintendo as well.

So releasing this in the spring, early or late summer would make more sense for it to make a significant impact. Just my two cents.
Furesis  +   1185d ago
yeah that's not gonna happen i know it's comming later this year but spring no way dood
CarlitoBrigante  +   1184d ago
Usually CoD comes out in november, maybe the Vita title will come out around september?
Furesis  +   1185d ago
does it say that SFxTK is commin in march? if it does then that is all i need to know that they are wrong i remember reading about it comming in fall with some extra characters so this cod thing wont happen early besides i have not seen any trailers or read any info about it
Titanz  +   1185d ago
Activision:"New COD title, launching this year"
Gamers reactions:"I hate Activision, and all this milkshake they be selling!"

Activision:"Also launching on Vita"

GR:"Eh, why not."
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supremacy  +   1185d ago
Yeah, I suppose you are right, but late summer wouldnt be out of the question either. Remember, consoles generally occupy the fall with big releases of their own. Ironically Monster hunter on a portable commands a bigger sell through than a monster hunter on a home console do. Though this may be the case, I think the exact opposite can be said about call of duty. So this is why I tend to agree with this rumor a little. But I agreed with you, spring is a bit early.

No, just no...Perhaps you are over analysing the behaviour of the people in this site.

But if it helps you in anyway(though I cant speak for anyone else) my personal take is that people on here simply dont care too much for call of duty or at all. And yes, Activision has been milking this ip at a rampant pace, that is a fact and in no way shape or form a bs.

However, most on here also cant deny how successful call of duty is and realize(even though they may not like COD) it could benifit their platform of choice.

Example, there are many people out there that hate school, work ect but still accept those things just because its more of a benifit than the opposite. Its simply the way life in general is, and if you havent figure this out by now or are having a hard time grasping this... Then you seriously need to sit back and evaluate some things, nothing personal by the way.
TENTONGUN  +   1184d ago
yeah man cod is great for sales cause we need more aaa developers making games for our vita. i havent played cod in 3 years but ill be getting it for the vita. as much as ive disliked cod's direction, i have to admit the controls were polished and damn near perfect. if fps are going to work on this handheld, activision might set the bar.
MRHARDON  +   1185d ago
The title has horrible grammer.
Shikoro  +   1184d ago
Your "grammer" is horrible, too. :P
teedogg80  +   1184d ago
r21  +   1185d ago
why is it that CoD vita is the only one in black while the rest of the shown games are blue? kinda makes it imo doubtful
tarbis  +   1185d ago
Good for COD fans. I'll get Lord of Apocalypse instead
bahabeast  +   1184d ago
call of duty for vita will win lots and lots of new kids i mean customers to sony
josephayal  +   1184d ago
New Engine plz
gtxgamer2  +   1184d ago
ill believe it when theres a release date actually announced..

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