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Submitted by Filthcardia 1438d ago | opinion piece

Dear Battlefield 3 Console Players, Smarten Up Would You?

Volatile Mode writes an open letter to Battlefield 3 console players. (Battlefield 3, Culture, EA, PS3, Xbox 360)

Majin-vegeta  +   1439d ago
I play on PS3 and i agree it's annoying when there's like 3 guys near a flag that hasn't been captured and they don't even go for it.Screw K/D ratio only the try hards care about that if they're worried about it they should go play cod on the other hand i don't give a rat's @$$ about my K/D if i did my kd wouldn't be this low.

BattleTorn  +   1438d ago
I'm a sucker for watching my K/d, even in Battlefield. (call it Cod-itis)

That being said, I'm usually fighting to maintain a 1:1.

And it's usually much more fun to just forget about it, and play the objective.
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wicko  +   1438d ago
My KDR is 1.8 but my win loss ratio is almost 4.8 - I care more about my win loss ratio than my KDR. However, I also play on PC and it is the same story. My stats are considerably worse on PC, 1.4 KDR and 2.25 WLR, but I usually play on my own, on PS3 I have a bunch of friends I play with. We don't like to lose matches.

I try to maintain both. I almost wish there wasn't stats we could look at, then I would just play the game without thinking about them.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1438d ago
You can help your team capture flag by killing a sh!tload of people. Its a lot easier to capture flags when the enemies are dead...
soundslike  +   1438d ago
you make too much GO BACK TO COD!

Its a fact, you can't take flags if you dont have more people alive on the area than they do. Thus being able to effectively wipe everyone out is an essential skill. Anybody who says otherwise is just trying to excuse their scrubbiness
morganfell  +   1438d ago
One kill is one ticket. But by capturing all the control points you can punch more tickets than with kills alone. Capturing all the points causes enemy ticket counts to drop like a rock.

Neither just killing or capturing is the solution but when working toward victory in Conquest facts are facts: Capture > Kills
Boody-Bandit  +   1438d ago
I'm old old school and most of the guys I use to play FPS games with on the PC hated stat tracking when it started. They feel it took the real strategy out of the game and players became more interested in individuals achievements.

That is one of the reason I don't play BF3. It's hard to find a good group of players that are going after or defending the objectives. I miss when BF allowed you to kill your own team mates. I use to love slices the throat of a sniper a half a mile away from the objective and my having to spawn behind him because of the spawn system it had.

You would have to run forever and usually ended up getting picked off by the opposing sniper. I would give the sniper on my team 1 warning, if I die trying to get to the objective and end up spawning and you are in this exact same location? I'm slicing your throat. They would never respond. Well that is until I killed them.

FPS games on the console is 85% individual players and 15% people actually playing it in which it was intended.

If you want KDR go play team death match or death match. Leave the mission based games to people that will actually try to accomplish the objectives.
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mugoldeneagle03  +   1438d ago
These "Open Letters" are stupid
And always make the part of the community who DOES take the game serious like a bunch of jackasses.

I'm willing to bet there are just as many people that screw around on PC as PS3/360, you just don't run into them as much since most kids won't be spending the $1-2 K you'd need to play it on.

I agree that its annoying when people don't use classes correctly or fly helicopters when its pointless (or wait in lines for aircrafts), but when your playing w/ the majority of a community your going to run into a few idiots along the way...

If anything, blame CoD or other run & gun driven games who teach you to kill and be hard to get killed. That's what BF3 isn't about but people don't know that because a FPS these days is a form of COD.

And as for piloting helicopters, if anyone has a PS3 and needs me to pilot them AND get you a ton of kills, let me know. There are too many times I've flown the Venom around the full maps, gone 0-2 and gotten last place but had my gunners go 20/30-5.

So yes, we exist.
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BALLARD32  +   1438d ago
Not gonna happen. People care too much about irrelevant ratios. It's not just console players either. I know that a good portion of PC players are just as bad.
Marked  +   1438d ago
Agreed...I play on both PS3 and PC. Both are filled with garbage players. Its the side stacking that can get out of control and push people to rage quit.
dead_eye  +   1438d ago
I don't mind if you playing objective or not but please if your playing as a medic or support learn how to drop a medic pack or ammo box. It doesn't slow you down or stop you doing anything you want but it does help other players on your team. This does seem to be a problem with ps3 players. My first game on pc about a month ago was unreal, ammo boxes all over.
wicko  +   1438d ago
It's pretty funny how people don't realize that other team-mates are relying on them. A buddy of mine told me of an occasion where a support guy wasn't dropping ammo, and my buddy was jumping and hopping around in his way trying to get him to understand he was empty. The guy didn't understand what was going on, so my buddy rolled a jeep onto him and killed him, picked up his kit and dropped a box of ammunition.

The guy then sent a PSN message to him, and all it said was "ohhhhh".
Akiba96  +   1438d ago
The thing is though, dice made it so that people low on ammo will show up as little cricles with bullets in them on the mini map of the people using the support class. The thing is also shown above their head if I'm not mistaken.
wicko  +   1438d ago
Yep, and when you hit select while looking at a support class, it yells out "i need some rounds!" or something similar.
DaReapa  +   1438d ago
@dead eye
I know what you're saying. Just the other day I was running low on ammo chasing a support guy, all the while spamming the select button. It took him half the length of Caspian Border before he figured out that I had been asking for ammo.
dead_eye  +   1437d ago
LOL at all above.

Seems to be the support class is the main offender of this.

So we've all spent ages prancing round a support class for the same thing.

made me chuckle.
Virtual_Reality  +   1438d ago
That is why I play with Clans and people I already know.
ZeroWil  +   1438d ago
I hate playing Conquest in this game (Xbox version). It's simply not as fun as it was in BF2 (PC) and BFBC2.
It seems to end way too fast (except on about 3 stages) and I think the mode was negatively affected by the large map sizes (even after DICE scaled it down) and lower player count.
krazykombatant  +   1438d ago
They need more tickets for the conquest. Most of the time a match last 10 mins.
Akiba96  +   1438d ago
I felt like the the players were to spread out on the conquest for the console version. You should try rush... its much more focused and never feels like your only playing with 23 other people.
jjb1981  +   1438d ago
Go play team deathmatch you k/d wh*res!
ddurand1  +   1438d ago
good write up. it is an issue.

I was playing on operation metro last night and there was a guy who was flying the MAV UAV drone and went 35-1 wtih it. tahts cool, congrats. but you lost.

if they sold every game with a headset, this problem could could be limited.
Soldierone  +   1438d ago
Not really. People just mute outside their squad. Normally you join a game and people will join a squad together, block anyone from joining them, then you see them all camping in an area helping each other stay alive.

In other games people just mute you when you call them out for being noobs. Or they turn around and attempt to brag about "being good"
Soldierone  +   1438d ago
Good write up, but I hate how PC players pretend that their entire platform is nothing but gods and mega PC's everywhere. I used to be a PC gamer, while the skill level was better, you still had idiots like this running around. Then they pretend "oh I play on PC so im better" Well at an Alienware presentation I quickly grabbed a slot and played a few games, came in the top 3 every round. Same thing with Medal of Honor on a console, except some of the PC people whined about the controller and "couldn't play" yet I came in first.

Noobs will be in every game. I hate that Battlefield puts you with people based on rank and not how they play. I mean I get stuck with really high ranks, thinking "oh man this will be fun" get in the game and all they do is camp high traffic area's or do something annoying the entire game. Meanwhile our team captures the entire map and dominates what we are supposed to do.

Personally like Bad Company 2 style more on consoles. I love BF3 and play it everyday, but it was obviously made for PC. That is why I'm looking forward to either bigger battles on a new console generation, bad company 3, and Medal of Honor.
Hicken  +   1438d ago
I agree. This isn't a console-only situation. It's found in pretty much every game with stats, on all systems.

I really only came into this thread to say NOT to treat it like console players are the only guilty group, or that BF3 is the only game in which it happens.
CanadianTurtle  +   1438d ago
This is why i didn't buy the game. Everyones saying how team work oriented this is, but NOBODY plays with teamwork when I played it.

Everyone just did their own thing.
AusRogo  +   1438d ago
I play ps3 and majority of the time in my squad they hand out the ammo , and I hand out the health. But not all the time they work like that, play with friends, its better.
Akiba96  +   1438d ago
It goes farther than handing out the ammo and handing out the health. The truth is DICE implimented so many teamwork features in the game and it sucks when people don't use them...
ISNeko  +   1438d ago
PC gamers FTW. Maybe it's because we're more mature? And I don't mean that in a stupid way, I'm just referring to perhaps the connection between our systems being more expensive compared to console gamers, hence we have to have nice jobs, hence we might be older than teenagers, hence we might not care about silly parts of video games.

Hence hence hence hence.
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mttrackmaster38  +   1437d ago
Hence your high horse.
fr00ty-wizenhymer  +   1438d ago
Well that's the price you must pay for playing on a console full of 12 year olds.
capcock  +   1438d ago
The console players are much younger and less competetive compared with the pc players

(not all so no need to get asshurt if U are competetive)
c1oudy  +   1438d ago
One thing I do disagree with about this article is the aircraft statement, that if your not gonna help the team then dont get in them, if we follow that logic then well never get sufficiently good enough to fly a jet and help out our team. I think Dice should add private servers or a turorial system similar to Batllefield 1943 to allow new players to gain some experience in flying.
GraveLord  +   1438d ago
So many stupid people on this site to approve this blog.
trenso1  +   1438d ago
I have the same problem my w/l ratio has tanked since I'm playing with idiots I just end up leaving cause I always seem to be in a squad with 3 recons and they all have squad ammo on. Having 3 squad Amos doesn't give you triple ammo idiots. I just try and keep it above a 2.5 since it tanked from being over a 3.0

rbluetank  +   1438d ago
the things that make me mad is not being able to "just" play Metro Conquest without leaving the server and comming back in. i just want to play this map.. i am cool on the other maps there is not enough targets on the console version for me! 12 vs 12 is unbalanced on the bigger maps... it harder then "h#ll" to find someone to shoot at when 4 to 5 players are huddle up on top of a sky scrapper and 2 flying jets/2 flying heli. the people who are getting kills are the one's flying the heli/jets/tanks. the regular foot soilder are SOL... i am cool on bbf3.. i am just waiting for MAG2 to drop. i hope Sony makes this game happen...
torchic  +   1437d ago
exatly. I remember idiots disagreeing with me when I said maps like Kharg Island on console were crap. some maps are way to big for 12 vs. 12. this is how Kharg Island, playing Conquest goes. opponent is capturing a flag, you can't find them. sometimes you'll have a teammate with you trying to defend the objective but fact is no one can find the opponent. so opponent leaves after capturing flag, then you and a teammate start capturing that flag, hiding somewhere. opponent can't find you then you leave, thinking it's safe theb opponent starts capturing flag. that's how it goes all match long because everyone is so spread out over that vast area. and it's not only Kharg Island with this problem.
rbluetank  +   1437d ago
i did all i can do with BBF3 until the next game comes out.. i will just will wait for MAG2...
rbluetank  +   1438d ago
i do not care about kd. i just want to have fun. it is hard to have fun when you have a broken stinger missile. the jets have a free pass. the lock on for the stinger missile is far beyond broken. MW2/MW3 stinger missile works a h#ll alot better then BBF3. i have already made colonel. i need to get 230K xp for me to make colonel 2.. i am cool on BBF3 for now!
GilesCorey  +   1438d ago
I wish people would stop team-killing. Another reason I went back to Bad Co. 2.

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