PlayTV price and release date revealed by

According to, PlayTV will be released in Europe on March 28 at a price of £99.99 or €154.99.

Worth mentioning is that presented the correct price and specs for the PS3 40GB SKU before it was officially released earlier this year!

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Time Lord3320d ago

are you kidding me? anther over priced Sony product. ( coming from ps fanboy)

Lucreto3320d ago

Its cheaper that Sky digital but it is probably well built.

Lex Luthor3320d ago

Are you serious? Sky digital rapes this POS.

pwnsause3320d ago

apparently you got raped too.

Biphter3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

This is how much things like this cost, if anything its a tad cheaper than the other PC tuners out there. So quit your moaning.

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whoelse3320d ago

Picture the scene. You wanna watch TV. So you turn the TV on. Turn your PS3 on. Wait for the Sony logo to disappear. Navigate to the XMB icon. Then select live TV and finally you get to watch digital TV.

Or you have a set top box which you would likely keep it on all the time anyway (Otherwise hit the button once) and you're already set.

It could get very frustrating to go though all the hassle to watch some damn TV!

Tecra_X3320d ago

PlayTV also provides you with the option of recording TV shows in high or standard definition for later viewing.

It is also possible to transcode the file into a different format. For now only the PSP format has been confirmed, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for DivX.

macalatus3320d ago


I respectfully disagree but that's pretty much the same if you're watching a blu-ray disc or playing a game on your PS3. So for a gamer like me, it doesn't make any difference at all.

whoelse3319d ago

Yes but thats the norm t wait a while to watch a movie. Its not the norm to go through all the hassle to watch TV.

Despite everything i have said, if it was about £50 i would definetly get this because you can record TV and watch it on the PSP. But if i was just gonna watch TV and not record or anything else, this wouldnt be for you.

whoelse3320d ago

I agree that it has its uses but for everyday standard usage its best to pay £20-£30 but an ordinary box... doesnt take much space.

Rama262853319d ago

The problem is I don't know of anything that is £20-30 which gives you the ability to receive and record freeview. Not to mention the other functions such as PSP connectivity to enable you to watch live tv anywhere or watch pre-recorded shows anywhere.

Not to mention most £20-30 freeview receivers are pretty cheap and you get what you pay for in terms of quality and you also have to have another box set under your tv.

Biphter3318d ago

capable Freeview box below £100, let alone £20 - 30. This isn't a bog standard SINGLE SD tuner box. Even seperate PCI tuners of this calibur sell for more.

Lex Luthor3320d ago

I'll pass on this overpriced crap. Just buy a set top box instead.

resistance1003320d ago

why are you trolling so much? *adds to ignore list*

Im personally getting this as i find the features really neat, plus it looks like it will hit around my b/day :D

supermandead6663320d ago

why are you trolling so much? *adds to ignore list*

Because the retard xbot got RROD, so he is trolling anything with playstation logo.

pwnsause3320d ago

noy do you like to troll, do a favor for us, go home, tell your mom to read you a kindergarden book, suck on her left nipple and go to sleep, you well deserve it, you stupid baby.

raziizar3320d ago

u want u buy u dont want it u dont buy it.
it's that simple

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pwnsause3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

this is about 200 USD if im correct. Although I do understand what you can do with it (Watch TV, Record TV) I do agree that this is a bit overpriced. EU consumers would possibly not like this due to price. Hopefully when US owners get this (possibly after Digital Broadcasting gets enforced in 2009) this gets a price reduction. hopefully everyone agrees.

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