Rumor: Doom 4 cancelled; lots of leaked screenshots released

"According to a guy in 4chan, Doom 4 is supposedly cancelled and he has posted a lot of screenshots. The game was in development for a long time by ID software, and it seems like all the rumours are falling into place."


Article modified to indicate that the game is NOT cancelled.

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NYC_Gamer2245d ago

ID should just focus on building engines instead of game development

49erguy2245d ago

I'd agree if I were simply going by how much I hated Rage. Never been a PC gamer so I don't have that perspective, but Rage was awful IMO.

mynameisEvil2244d ago

Actually, it was the PC gaming community that iD screwed over this time. Lots of awful problems on the PC that just suck the fun out of the game.

So, if you hated it on console, you might slam your face into a wall if you had to play the PC version, I guess.

Kurt Russell2244d ago

I liked Rage, it was a little unfinished but was a great take on a FPS and at least tried to do a few things a little differently. Also the Quakes, Dooms, and Wolfensteins have all been fun... It'd be a shame to be stuck with modern warfare based games (when I say modern warfare I don't mean just COD in particular).

I miss fast paced over the top multiplayer pvp in giant space gothic environments; rocket jumping to victory with the help of a quad damage or a beserker power up... Or armour that's considered better because it is made of gold. Telefrags, gibs, humiliation kills... all of which was a better multiplayer experience to most games of the now.

bodybombs2244d ago

i liked rage as well. it was what i expected. you just cant let hype machine take over and you'll enjoy games more.

the gunplay of the game was fun and different in my opinion. i really enjoyed the racing aspect of the game, and for me thats a big thing considering i normally hate racing games. the a.i. while not being the best ever was up there with some of the better.

the only real dissapointment was the fact that it wasnt open world.

ShinMaster2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Doom 3 was the last good game.

I appreciate what they did in the earlier days of gaming, but they're outdated now.
All John Carmack does now is talk about tech.

starchild2244d ago

Rage was pretty damn enjoyable to me. I just hated the PC version. I ended up having to buy the 360 version.

Legion2244d ago

@Kurt Russell

Try Halo:Reach... every thing that you liked about the early Quake lives reborn in Reach in some form. And with the tools they have for inventing your own game the remakes of Quake levels and game style are already around. :D

Autodidactdystopia2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

I think it looks like rage.

the engine reeks of the bad taste rage left in my mouth.

I absolutely HATE the art style. HATE it.

Hope they scrap everything and go for what doom used to look like.

com'on carmack blow us away like you did with doom 3 when it first came out. This looks like trash, I was expecting so much more.

if they go for another rage type post apocalyptic blurry mess im gonna be soo dissapointed.

honestly i was expecting doom 4 to set a new bar. looks like it will just be more of the same.

MEGATEXTURE blah blah blah. not worth s#!T without decent content.

oh well.

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meetajhu2245d ago

lol wut? Go play your Cod's. You got no flipping clue about what id has done to gaming. Rage 1000x better than any COD till date.

hellzsupernova2245d ago

he never said anything about CoD

spacedelete2244d ago

herp derp derrrpy derp. any game can be better than COD what's your point ? fanboy like you make me think less of humanity.

ape0072244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

why so defensive, as if CoD destroyed your life

JsonHenry2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Unless they pull something magical out of their hat I would say that Id Softwares days of glory are long past.

@below - No. I just feel that they are so far behind the times it would not be what it should be. I feel that Doom 4 would need to be somewhat open world like RAGE, but more "drama" since you are fighting for earth and that there would need to be something akin to the HL2 experience in order for Id to reclaim any sort of relevance in today's gaming market.

TENTONGUN2244d ago

doom 3 was their last solid title. you think doom 4 would suck? not attacking, just curios man.

Vynzent2244d ago

What an idiot.

And yes, RAGE is alot better than many other games of 2011. The bugs are one thing, but the game is a whole other thing.

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Rageanitus2244d ago

I enjoyed Rage and Doom 3 very much.... IMO they were better than those halo games out there.

Tsar4ever012244d ago

I don't know if all these pics are legit, but just by looking at it I 1st thought of the new version of "HOMEFRONT", looking a little more, and at the model designs, than I thought of "RAGE" with demons.

For what I understand DOOM3 took place somewhere in the year of 2145, which is around 133 years in our future from now in 2012. So why does this post apocalyptic earth looks so much like late 20th/early 21 century. The cars, the building looks SOOOO nowadays, nothing looks remotely futuristic, the devs should've at least ATTEMPTED to make our world look 133 years later, even after the world got it's ASS KICKED.

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Cajun Chicken2245d ago

What?!? They can't cancel Doom4!

WooHooAlex2245d ago

Really a shame if it is cancelled. Especially if those screenshots are real .. it looks sick!

Snookies122245d ago

Yeah, cancelling Doom would be a sad day in gaming... I mean come on... IT'S DOOM! I really liked the series, it wasn't in my top ten, but it's definitely an icon in the gaming world. I really hope when it does finally come out, it scares the hell out of us.

redking3152245d ago

I would be willing to bet money that those screenshots are real. I have always had a knack for IDing game engines and that one had the textures and lighting that is evident of the ID Tech 5 engine that no one but ID has.

Caleb_1412245d ago

I'm sorry, but if anyone looks at those screenshots and can't find similarities with everything to RAGE then they need their eyes checked.

ninjahunter2245d ago

My brain is to me
As unhappy is my feeling about this.

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