BioShock Infinite Goes Where Mass Effect 3 Fears To Tread

360 Magazine: BioShock Infinite is fighting against the current trend for accessible experiences, but as Mass Effect 3 attempts to cater for everyone, what approach is best?

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Biglet2248d ago

There's nothing quite like forcing a game into the mass market to ruin the experience.

Dailynch2248d ago

I really hope Mass Effect 3 scales the dialogue properly, like BioWare has said it will. I've read the books and played all the previous games and I will not be impressed if I'm forced to sit through tons of exposition in ME3!

Diver2248d ago

bioshock > mass effect. if you try to make a great game for the masses you get Jack of all trades and master of none.

a meal with too many ingredients designed to please everyone winds up looking like someone barfed.

if you make a great experience for a core group you get a great game.

a meal cooked for a specific table tastes best.

antz11042248d ago

As a single game, maybe....Bioshock 1 was amazing. As a series.....well, not so much.

young juice2248d ago

by "series" you must mean bioshock 2. which was still far better than a lot of other games out there.

as for infinite... well i geuss you will have to play te game to find out. i think the series is as creative and fun as it gets

antz11042248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

^ Maybe it was better than some games out there, but Bioshock 2 was nowhere near good enough than either Mass Effect. Infinite and ME3 not withstanding, ME is the better series to date.

young juice2248d ago

the fact that you even had to bring in mass effect to counter bioshock proves that bioshock is a great series

Aloren2248d ago

Noone said bioshock is not a great series.

antz11042248d ago

I never said it wasn't, and I was countering the comment above mine where he blatantly said "bioshock > mass effect". Plus those are the two games the articles about, so a comparison was going to happen.

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WildArmed2248d ago

The ME3 co-op is pretty fun, thou I don't think it has much lasting appeal. Unless they also have story-co-op/ mission co-op, not just survive 10 waves.

Bioshock Inf. is something i'm looking forward to, thou I wasn't too happy w/ Bioshock 2. Bioshock 1 was just too good, and that alone is reason enuf to play bioshock inf.

I hope ME3 doesn't lose more of it's RPG elements in this installation. ME2 was quite the shell of what ME1 was in terms of RPG elements.

It's always fun when picking a dialogue in ME, you end up saying something you did NOT mean o.o

Select "I hope you weren't hurt in the battle"
Output "Did the little doggie woggie hurt you?"-- sarcastically.

Wtf, that's not what i picked lolol

2248d ago
BushLitter2248d ago

I am really looking forward to this game. It looks to be a winner

schlanz2248d ago

Bioshock is going to be one of the best games this gen.

Captain Qwark 92248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

i wasnt huge on the first game so i never played the second.

however due to the fact that they are making this old school i will be buying this one day one and going nuts on the 1999 mode. pure awesomeness

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