Devil May Cry: New screenshots and artworks online

Take a look at these artworks and screenshots for DmC (Devil May Cry) from Capcom.

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ritsuka6661973d ago

I'm honestly am not excited for this crap game, but I'm highly interested.......No, I don't think that's the same thing. :/

vallencer1972d ago

Well if you're not interested or excited as you put it then why comment on it?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1972d ago

'Comments' are suppose to be people's opinion of an article. So this is Ritsuka's opinion of the artwork, game etc. You don't HAVE TO comment positively about something.

Ghost2501972d ago

there's a reason there is a comment section to comment your thoughts. DUH

crxss1972d ago

hm... These aren't new artworks for the game... They're actually pretty old. Guess its newsworthy...

Maxinhell1972d ago

This is old screenshots and arts!!!! so stupid

Bimkoblerutso1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

If only the protagonist didn't look like an emo Justin Bieber and it didn't have "Devil May Cry" in the title. It's actually a really cool looking game.

Even after all the Ninja Theory "defending" I've done, I have to admit that it still confuses me as to why they chose to adopt the Devil May Cry franchise. This game doesn't look like DMC at all.

Ultr1972d ago

Hey he looks better than before :P they actually changed him a little.
Though I have NO HOPES at all for ninja theory delivering a great game, they let me down BIG BIG BIG time with enslaved, now they will have to prove A LOT to me, a demo, a great demo! and we'll see..!

Lyr1c1972d ago

I think that the environmental art is the most impressive thing about the game. It looks really nice!