Geoff Keighley: Lots Of New Game Announcements Coming In March

Geoff Keighley, host of Spike’s GameTrailersTV ( GTTV ), is teasing new game reveals for next month.

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Cajun Chicken2248d ago

Awesome. I was getting a bit worried for games coming out in the later half of the year. Most of the majorly anticipated titles which were taking years to get developed came out last year.

andibandit2248d ago

Im really hoping for an announcement for Console version of Diablo 3....we've been waiting what...12 years now.

morganfell2248d ago

It's already been confirmed, we are just awaiting a date. But this is Blizzard so...when it's finished.

I just want move support ala R.U.S.E. and add the ability to draw custom routes with the Move rather than waypoints alone.

DragonKnight2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

I remember when Keighley was a douchebag on Electric Playground with the Great Victor Lucas and the Greater Tommy Tallarico. Too bad he still sucks on his own.

Just hope that these game announcements will be for games releasing sooner in the future rather than later.

Wenis2248d ago

I hope a good Star Wars game gets announced. Its been years since there has been one.

Mystogan2248d ago

Microsoft now has more First-Party studios then Sony.

Microsoft has 18
Sony has 15

2012-2013 could be the year of first-party titles for Microsoft,like 2010-2011 was for Sony.

Raoh2248d ago

I'll give you 17, the flight game studio doesn't really count until they release a game outside of the pc.

But majority of their studios appear to be kinect studios, soooo.. meh...

grailly2248d ago

the thing is: half of the microsoft game studios haven't released anything yet and a few of the others just aren't top tier developers. Who knows though, maybe all the unknown studios are really good and are coming out with AAA titles...

Dlacy13g2248d ago

@Raoh... I am sorry what? " the flight game studio doesn't really count until they release a game outside of the pc." Are you really trying to say a studio doesn't count unless they make a game outside of PC? It's a counts...maybe not in some kind of fanboy comparison of "console" studios but its still a studio.

hadouken0072248d ago

Good to hear, if MS starts pumping out exclusives ,Sony will start upinng there games too,its a win win.

DigitalRaptor2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Good, now let's see if they can prove themselves.

Aren't a lot of them Kinect devs though? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

BitbyDeath2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Only three of those studios make non-kinect 360 games

343 Industries
Turn 10

DragonKnight2248d ago

Lol, if you can call some of those studios actual game development studios. Look at some of them.

HATE5062248d ago

Could have sworn SONY had about 20+

BitbyDeath2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )


Sony have a lot of second and third party studios as well which some choose to work exclusivly with Sony while others have contracts in place.

Full list can be found here -

CommonSense2248d ago

can say anything other than negative stuff about MS or you get disagrees, can't say anything other than positive stuff about sony or you get disagrees. such a mature website we have here.


this is moronic.

ZippyZapper2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Alan Wake just came out honkyjesus

so you = fail

memots2248d ago

And about 12 are making Kinect or xbla games.

LOL Kinect

CarlitoBrigante2247d ago

If MS has more studios, then why don't they bring any quality games out? Gears is from Epic and Halo is from Bungie, only game MS are making is Flopza.

Sony has more studios then MS and nintendo combined, don't kid yourself boy. All those MS studios make crap Kinect games like Rare

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Legionaire20052248d ago

O Hash lol!!! We got Bioshock Infinite, Resident Evil 6, Hitman Absolution, Halo 4, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Medal of Honor Warfighters, Sleeping Dogs, Black Ops 2, Guild Wars 2, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Aliens Colonial Marines, Assassins Creed 3, Grand Theft Auto 5, and need I say more? Plus the Wii U games coming.

solar2248d ago

hopefully it is games console factions can argue about minute graphical differences!!

showtimefolks2248d ago

confirmed games for fall 2012:

Borderlands 2
Medal of honor

GTA5 most likely april 2013
Lat of us i don't think will come out till 2013
rainbow six in 2013

max payne 3
darksiders 2
metro last light
sly cooper 4
halo 4
mass effect 3
binary domain
Resident evil 6 and operation REC city
Twisted metal
prototype 2
tekken vs street fighter
Diablo 3
Mario party 9
Yakuza dead souls
day of reckoning
silent hill downpour
ghost recon future soldier
I am alive
the witcher 2
dragon's dogma

I can go on for a little long point being people who are saying 2012 has not games maybe it would help if you pay attention. For as good as fall 2013 i felt like the quality was not there but in 2013 we have some games that have had 3 plus years of development

AC3 3 plus years of development
borderlands 2
max payne 3

most if not all games that will be announced before or at E32012 will not come out in 2012, most times games are announced than minimum a year later starts coming out.

last of us i am hoping for in 2012 but if ND needs extra 3-6 montsh to make a better game than i am all for it

GTA 5 i want to say will come out in april 2013 but than there is a part of me that says RS really want to bring it out in fall but than the otherwise to that is Bioshock and Maxpayne 3 are both take-two's titles so 3 games in fall 2012 might not make as much sense

2248d ago
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Raiz2248d ago

god of war IV plzz plzzz plzzz sony.....

StoneAgeWarfare2248d ago

.......plz Sony ! We will sacrifice a chicken

memots2248d ago

Me Love some Friiiiied Chicken ?

Tomonobu Itagaki2248d ago

Considering it's from Geoff Keighley, be prepared to the disappointment. How many times did he fooled us with overhyped buzz for minimal announcement garbages?
He must be Peter Molyneux's illegitimate son.

himdeel2248d ago

I agree this guys idea of hype often ends in disappointment for me. A lot of games could be three. If this guy cried wolf Id ignore him and yell at him to shut up and take his ass home.

brew2248d ago

I dunno man , sometimes we get something really cool an unexpected like The Last of Us that he's been hyping. The guy you're probably thinking of is Major Nelson.

OcularVision2248d ago

I remember in 2010 before the VGAs he hinted at a sequel to highly anticipated game. Everybody thought it was the next GTA game, but it was Skyrim. So sometimes they aren't disappointments.

Prcko2248d ago

infamous 3
god of war 4
killzone 4
only best games,ps games
yeaaaaaaaaa baby

cemelc2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Wasnt guerrilla developing a new IP? if theres anything announced by them it would be that game

torchic2248d ago

Guerilla is developing two games, a new Killzone probably for PS3 and a new IP.

Hellsvacancy2248d ago

Talkin of 4s i want Fallout 4

Felinox2248d ago

Yes, but only as long its on some next gen system and not shoe horned onto obsolet systems.

fluffydelusions2248d ago

I'd prefer that be a launch title for PS4 TBH.

Dark112248d ago

i prefer that too .. but we all know that there is 2 Gow titles for every sony console/portable

clevernickname2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Not releasing another GOW title for the PS3 would be a waste of all the resources building the engine and content for GOW III.