HD-DVD and Blu-ray: DVD's successors becoming affordable

Sometimes, there is no end in sight. You have finally set up your home theatre. The flat screen TV, the hard drive recorder and the surround sound - everything is just right. Next thing you know, stores are full of new and different gadgets and your state of the art centre is obsolete.

HD-DVD and Blu-ray technology remain incompatible. However, some manufacturers have created hybrid devices that play both standards. Samsung's BDP-UP5000 should be available for about 900 euros starting in early 2008. The BH100 from LG Electronics will also play both formats, but will cost about 1,500 euros.
Reinhard Otter of the Stuttgart-based video magazine is not impressed by the hybrid devices.

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tk3741d ago

Too expensive - not enough gain.
PS3 will ensure Blu Ray win. Just end the war - HD-DVD is not going to make it. It will be cheaper for the consumer if we have one standard with many manufacturers making players.

Monchichi0253741d ago

Although I believe that Blu-Ray will survive, I do believe that you are terribly underestimating HD-DVD. Price alone will ensure that HD-DVD will eventually take the lead. By next Xmas HD-DVD will be at $100 or less while Blu-Ray will be somewhere around $250 -$200.

And it has been proven time and time again that the system offering the better value will always win. Latest example being the Wii and 360 over the PS3.

Combo players, even tho more expensive will eventually become very attractive to the mass market consumer due to both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray having success.

prodg523741d ago

@monchichi, bluray is at $299 now on amazon

I don't see how hd-dvd can keep up

Snukadaman3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

hd-a3 at 199$..whats your point? you think people want to spend 100 dollars more or 100$ less? also the Sony BDP-S300 is obsolete with its 1.0 profile....cant upgrade too 1.1.

ttp:// spage.jsp?skuId=8494435&typ e=product&id=1186003898783
to see price add 2 cart....

deeznuts3741d ago

His point is that Blu-ray is not going to be $200-250 next year, it's already $299 now, down from $1,000 a year ago.

HD DVD has no chance. They've always had the cheaper players and it hasn't gained them anything.

cuco333741d ago

The better format = HD DVD

Sadly we're either going to see a purple/neutral future or a blu one, and if blu becomes the way it is not good for the consumer.

blackmagic3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

And the HD-A3 is $165 on Amazon making the cheapest Blu-ray player almost double the price of the cheapest HD DVD player. I don't see your point at all.

Actually, the HD-A35 can be had for $328 on Amazon making the most expensive HD DVD player about the same price as the cheapest Blu-ray player.

Furthermore, the cheapest Blu-ray player is a profile 1.0 player. To make this hardware price comparison even remotely even, you would need prices for players that are profile 2.0 (which aren't on the market yet, none announced) vs a 1080p HD DVD model (A30 is $220 on Amazon) The 2.0 players require extra processors to decode the audio and video streams for PIP, 1 Gb of local storage and a network card. That extra hardware will make the units more expensive and only then will it be on par with HD DVD hardware.

Monchichi0253741d ago

The fact that the specs for the Blu-Ray are yet to be finalized. For that fact, Blu-Ray players are going to have a hard time competing in price because Sony will not be able to sell their inventory as current models like Toshiba will be able to. And let's face it, even tho we can afford these product, the mass market are Wal-mart shoppers. People always looking for the best price.

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demolitionX3741d ago

HD DVD is already dying!! i just laugh on those morons that buy HD DVDs!LOL! what a waste of money?

Skynetone3741d ago

cost more then buying a ps3 and a stand-alone hd-dvd, i cant see them flying of the shelves

wallace10003741d ago

Agreed if you want both formats it is cheaper to buy two individual machines.

Account deleted3741d ago

1- blu ray has already the undisputed advantage in hardware sales, you can deny it but it is the truth, the ps3 is aiding the cause of blu ray as it did with the dvd(the only difference is back then there wasn't a format war) the hardware adoption rate is 7 to 1 in the states and 11 to 1 worldwie
2- software sales: blu ray movies are outselling hd dvd movies on a weekly basis in a minimum ratio of 2 to 1, and that's not all, if you take movies released on both formats(now warner's movies only) blu ray have outperformed hd dvd
3- the hd dvd forum questionnable acts didn't affect blu ray(hacking the site and bribing paramount)
4-the future is looking bright to blu ray while the irony lies in: it's looking blue for hd dvd
5- this week the hd dvd forum has been talking about outselling blu ray i will only say let's wait and see the results, while the jump in hd dvd sales has been astronomical, it is highly due to the holidays season so i expect the same leap for blu ray but as i said let's wait and see

peace i am out
Prone to game at anytime

bootsielon3741d ago

Since the cost difference is negligible, and will be even more so next year. With more movies and support from hollywood the CE industry, not to mention superior technology, who would want to choose HD-DVD? Seriously, if you think Blu-ray has "too much DRM", guess what, so has HD-DVD. If HD-DVD wins, you can bet your ass Microsoft will try to get its claws on the format even deeper, with more DRM than Blu-ray could ever have.

Besides, why would you care, it's not like you're gonna start pirating movies, right? ;)

ITR3741d ago

Yeah, I really want that old $299 BD player I can't upgrade to even 1.1.
To get a 1.1 I need to spend $450-500.
That's more then the price of the A35 and almost the price of the Onkyo HD DVD player.

How is BD superior? PCM vs Lossless has become a mute point since many audiophiles have said anything gained in PCM is negligible or no difference at all.
Size wise? What BD movie uses the 50GB disc? All of them so far are only 25GB discs.
The only superior tech they may have is the coating on the BD disc...and thats not much since you can get a lament and put it on any DVD/HD disc now for added protection.

Well you know the only reason FOX and Disney signed on with BD was because of the BD+. Now since it's busted and movies will start leaking on to the interweb then I believe FOX and Disney might re-think their positions on DRM. As we all know DRM doesn't work...eventually it will always be cracked. If your not aware MS has even relaxed it's hold on pirated Vista copies now with recent software update.

With 28-100mb DL speeds coming next yr why wouldn't folks pirate HD or BD movies.
Once China comes into the out for the army of bootlegs coming into this country from over there. How do I buy my anime? Boots from china...about the same Q and I don't feel cheated by content or price.

The best standalone BD players are the Pioneer Elite goes for a grand and the ES from Sony which goes for $1300.
or you can buy a PS3.

The best standalone HD players are the Integra for a grand and the Onkyo for $700.
or you can buy a A30,A35 or a 360 add-on.

ravinash3741d ago

MS released its control on copies of vista because they were blocking legitimate copies of the operating system.
If any copies of the OS got flagged on their system as being a copy, then they would lock that OS on that PC so the user only had limited access to their system. But the system was not working because people who paid for the OS were getting flagged and having their systems locked.

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