Manhunt 2 - Does it even matter any more?

The BBFC has decided to take the Manhunt 2 debacle a step further. Last week the game's UK ban was overturned by the Video Appeals Commission. Rather than accepting the decision, the BBFC has decided to take the matter to the High Court for a judicial review.

Many already feel that the previous double-rejection of Manhunt 2, even after cuts were made, was merely a heavy-handed and inconsistently thought-out delaying of the inevitable on The Board's part, and it's no secret that in the gaming community alone a lot of respect has been lost. A continued and escalated attempt to get the re-cut Manhunt 2 banned at this stage could well be construed as a stubborn move too far. But if the BBFC does manage to overturn the VAC's ruling against it, Manhunt 2's chances of a UK realease could be disembowelled forever.

But assuming all goes well for Rockstar, and the review goes its way, will Manhunt 2's release really matter any more? Is it not too late for it to even be relevent at this stage? Well, yes and no. Read on and Games Radar will give the whole messy situation a thorough, and hopefully final, dissection.

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M_Prime3829d ago

NO, long answer yes..

NO CAUSE MANHUNT 2 is MEH of a game..

YES because this is ust the first of many banned games.