Sony Can’t Produce Enough PS2s and PSPs to Meet Demand

Demand is so high for the older platforms that Sony can’t even keep up with PS2 and PSP supplies. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx2002d ago

Maybe it's time for me to sell off some of my older consoles.

Emilio_Estevez2002d ago

Nope, gamestop will still only give you $6.

Derekvinyard132002d ago

If this is true, Sony should stop selling ps1 and ps2 and make the ps3 backward compatible again. just like apple, stop selling old products and force people to buy new ones. the sales dont lie.

doctorstrange2002d ago

$6? That's a disgrace. The scrap components are worth more

refocusedman2002d ago

Why do people still sell or trade in to gamestop, its such a rip off.

kevnb2002d ago

Not to mention buying used from them saves you a whole 5 bucks...

mechanicleman2002d ago


backwards compatible is pointless honestly, why? because if your going to play a PS2 game play it on your PS2! Not only that but PS2 still sales for $100.

silvacrest2002d ago

your 100% right, your better off on ebay, Craigslist of even a pawn broker

kneon2002d ago


Most of the world still can't afford a PS3, there are countries in which the PS2 only became available within the last few years. the PS2 will continue to sell for at least a few more years.

JoySticksFTW2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Would love if PS3 went backwards compatible again.

Who wants to have both a PS2 and PS3 taking up space in their entertainment center?

One machine is perfect, plus people forget that PS3 also makes PS2 games look better (it's in the PS3 xmb options).

PS2 version of MGS3 looks ridiculously good on a PS3. Like an early current gen game.

RedDead2001d ago

Gamestop offered me 12 for my 20GB 360. It's fu**in crazy

tokugawa2001d ago

lol a small vague quote from tretton, a quick 10min-to-write blog, a sexed up headline and a shed load of hits from the faithful on toptens4fanboys.

there really is no secret formula to leechung hits from this site is there

Mickbelfast2001d ago

@joysticksFTW yeah the remastered HD version of mgs3 looks good on ps3 but fire in your normal ps2 mgs3 disc into your ps3 & itll look the exact same as it did years ago

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BlackTar1872002d ago

the thing with apple is they have a mind control over their consumers. they somehow convinced millions that realeasing slightly better product each year for more money is a great thing :)

Typing this from my iphone lol

MySwordIsHeavenly2002d ago

Disc Replay gives you much more for your systems.

xtremeimport2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I dont fully understand the Ps2 demand...I mean, why? I know it has a great line up of games. But jeez so does the Ps3 and if you loved games so much, why are you just now buying a ps2??

Ravenor2002d ago

North America, EU and Japan aren't the only video game markets anymore?

ChiVoLok02002d ago

In case you forgot, the PS3 isn't backwards compatible anymore.

firefoxprime2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )


Because the PS2 has the best video game library in the world. Dead serious. You think of any genre, and it'll be there.

Diversity/Variety is the KEY. Its the reason this gen is so boring. Yeah we get epic titles every quarter, but the genre view is so narrow-minded its pathetic.

Also, don't forget, there were WAY MORE devs/publishers back during the PS2 era!



CarlitoBrigante2001d ago

PS2 will never die, it is the greatest console ever made.

Sony should release a PS2 HD

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showtimefolks2002d ago

something that people look at as a failure can't sell 60 plus million as psp has done. I mean yes compare to 3ds yes it hasn't sold as well but something that can sell 60 million can't be considered not a success.

its like this gen wii at 96 million and will get to 100 plus so will xbox360 and ps3 so all 3 will be considered successful while all 3 took different routes to getting there but in the end 3 success consoles are better than one. Competition is better for us gamers because each company has to compete for our business

hopefully ps-vita will be a success according to latest numbers its at 1.4 million sold world wide so here is hoping for great 1st/3rd party support

Moentjers2002d ago

When you have a huge library of PS2 games and your 10+ year old console dies. What will you do ? Throw your games in the bin or get a new PS2 ?

2001d ago
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MagicAccent2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Solution: PS2 backwards compability firmware for PS3.


coryok2002d ago

i think there are a few problems with this, namely that emulation is tasking. they would need to test each game out and fix them individually, which will end up taking a lot of time to do. it'll most likely be a quick fix for each, but QA will need to be done, which is why i believe they opted for a pay model so individual developers can go through and perform the necessary emulation fixes

vortis2002d ago

I can run PS2 games on my PC just fine. I'm sure the community would be willing to help with fixing the emulation just like the community did with the PS2 emulators on PC.

Everyone wins.

thehitman2002d ago

@vortis the PS3 is closed and the PC is open so having the community help wouldnt do any good.

Yodagamer2002d ago

Emulation isn't the problem, the ps3 can emulate them just fine, that is why they sell ps2 classics, they just want the money

NarooN2001d ago


No, the PS3 can't emulate them "just fine" because the newer systems don't even have the GS and EE chips on the motherboards anymore, so it's 100% software emu. My other PS3 -- before it died -- was a 2nd gen PS3 with software BC, meaning that they kept the Graphics Synthesizer chip on the PS3 MOBO and opted to emulate the PS2's CPU (EE = Emotion Engine = PS2 CPU) with the Cell.

Even with that, some games ran fine and others didn't. I tested tons of my PS2 games, most RAN, but a lot of them had graphical problems and technical issues. SSX3 would run fine, but would crash at completely random times very often, making it unplayable. Tekken Tag Tournament ran at fullspeed in the menus, but slowed down to 2 fps during gameplay. Some of the Ratchet games I played had lots of framerate drops and graphical issues. The DDR games would also crash frequently.

When they did the PS3's with the partially software-based emu, the emulation percentage dropped from ~98% down to around 69% or so. So when they took out the GS chip finally, emulation was mainly a pipedream.

The reason there's barely over a dozen "PS2 Classics" right now is because those games have been tested and can just barely work at fullspeed with minimal problems. Otherwise there would be a new batch of games every week.

Don't understand why coryok got so many disagrees when he's right. PS2 emulation is really difficult because in order to emulate it, a typical processor has to emulate multiple components of the PS2 one after the other, as opposed to the PS2 itself which - due to it's crazy architecture - could run them in unison with little effort. That's why even on modern day PC's, you need a beastly CPU clocked at 3.4+ Ghz to get fullspeed on most games, even with speedhacks. Don't even count on PS2 emu to hit the Vita anytime soon either for those very reasons.

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mechanicleman2002d ago

Why?!! It's pointless backwards compaadible is pointless don't you have a PS2?

Kurisu2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

My PS2 is old and I have a lot of trouble with it, so the PS2 games I have are (almost) useless.

Also my launch PS3 bricked on me a couple years after release and was replaced with a non-BC model. So it wouldn't be pointless for people in the same shoes as me.

Granted I don't have many PS2 games left in my collection, but it would be nice to at least have the opportunity to play them without the hassle of a dodgy PS2, plus having one system set up makes things look a lot neater (my PS3 is tucked nicely under the TV, and then the PS2 is on the floor with wires trailing everywhere!)

ZombieNinjaPanda2002d ago

I have quite a few Ps2 games that my Ps2 simply won't play anymore.

My ps3 on the other hand plays them fine.

user77927882002d ago

"solution"? Sony not meeting demand is a good means its still selling...So why would they get rid of it?