WorthPlaying Reviews BlackSite: Area 51 (PS3)

WorthPlaying writes:

"Although the game in concept is not itself rotten to the core, unless Blacksite: Area 51's developer can repair the technical disaster that is the PS3 version - I suspect this would require a substantial, cost-prohibitive reworking of the core software - I cannot under any circumstances recommend this title, although I must admit I am one of the PS3 owners who was most looking forward to its arrival, and therefore I'd be most likely to cut some slack where I could."

Score: 4.5/10

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Fighter3836d ago

Even its own developer admits it and he later quit or got fired.

Neurotoxin3836d ago

Was going to rent this game to see if it was any good - Luckily the demo was released and dissuaded me from even remotely going near this game.... what a pile of steaming dog shiite. Its boring beyond all comprehension, i would have happily watched Strictly Come Dancing for an eternity than play this game for even one more minute.

Polluted3836d ago

Agreed. That demo was a steaming load of sh!t. I'm usually very forgiving with framerates. Assassin's Creed didn't bother me in the least. Blacksite on the other's actually unplayable. Avoid this game people.

bruiser813836d ago

its funny, when this game was still in development so called editors and fanboys said the this game would succeed where resistance failed. Boy where they way off as usual or what?

eagle213836d ago

Nothing to see here folks.

gEnKiE3836d ago

I played the demo......horrible....only stayed on my ps3 for 20 min after i installed it.

Kleptic3836d ago

agreed...upset I downloaded it...didn't even give it 4 minutes, most of which was spent finding where to invert the controls...I got to the street where there were things shooting at me...quit and deleted it...

the only thing worthwhile about this game is that it more or less confirms that the Wii can run UE3...there are Wii games that look better than this pile of steamy dump...

It was a demo that ranked right along side DY: Gundam as the two absolute crappiest experiences of this year for me...

Fluffy2Duffy3835d ago

i agree, i played just for 5min, i switch it off, it is such a crappy game, no smooth movements...

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The story is too old to be commented.