MTV Multiplayer: MTV Exec VP Talks Bruckheimer, Future of MTV Games

On December 18, MTV announced a deal between MTV Games and CSI/Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The multi-year partnership has been established to create some original video games (not spin-offs of existing Bruckheimer shows or movies.) But what in the world is MTV Games doing with Jerry Bruckheimer?

MTV News reporter Stephen Totilo was given a chance to interview the main guy behind the deal at MTV, corporate executive vice president Jeff Yapp, to find out more. Totilo asked his boss some of the questions he thinks anyone would ask, such as:

• Why would MTV Games land Bruckheimer and not a bigger games publisher like EA or Activision?
• Does signing a deal with Bruckheimer hurt any indie gaming cred MTV gained by buying Harmonix?
• Did it matter to MTV whether Bruckheimer knows anything about games?
• And given that this is a Bruckheimer deal, is this only a guy thing?

Yapp's answers to those questions and more are available at MTV News Multiplayer blog.

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