Enjoying some Wii time: A skeptic sums up Wii's three winning aspects

ZDNet's technology expert and writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes doesn't get a lot of time for gaming, but over the past few days he's taken the opportunity to spend some quality hands-on time with his Nintendo Wii console and it's easy for him to see why it's such a popular Holiday gift.

The Wii doesn't win any awards for power or performance, and the graphics compared to a PS3 or Xbox 360 are, well, primitive, but when it comes to fun, Adrian believes the Wii is the outright winner. He thinks that there are three aspects of the Wii that gives it the winning edge.

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SaiyanFury3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

3 things that keep it a from being a lasting winner:

3. Serious lack of depth of software.
2. Appeals to everyone BUT gamers.
1. The casual/non-gamer has an attention span an inch thick so once something new comes along, goodbye Wii.

wiizy3805d ago

oh please.. plenty of softwares coming.. the system just been out.. its the amazing sales that makes you think its been out there forever

LJWooly3805d ago

The Wii's a great console, anyone who owns one will tell you that, unless of course they own a ps3 (comparing the two isn't really fair, though), but I can't see it lasting anymore than a year from now, maybe two.
It needs at least ONE GOOD THIRD-PARTY game, to make the most of what time it has left. Nintendo are doing a great job with their first-party titles, but they can't be expected to carry the Wii's success. developers need to put more effort in their games. From what I hear, people aren't buying the Wii's software, this could change if there were some good games for it.

LanRanger3804d ago

3rd party Wii software is outselling 3rd party PS3 software.

"Nintendo are doing a great job with their first-party titles, but they can't be expected to carry the Wii's success."

Look at the top selling DS sofware. The top 10 and 16 of the top 20 are Nintendo releases, yet the DS is still doing great. It's mostly populated with titles like Nintendogs, Brain Training, Pokemon, Animal Crossing,and Cooking Mama.

Whether they like it or not, hard core gamers are going to have to recognize that the casual gamer is a force in modern gaming.