PS Vita Reaches 1.4m Install Base after Successful Global Launch

It may have taken a while for the PS Vita to arrive on western shores, with an unfortunate delay from the lucrative holiday season into the less than desirable launch month of February and one full year after Nintendo's 3DS debut the Vita has its work cut out, alas it's finally here. Including figures from its Japanese launch last year, the Vita clears 1 million units in its first week. This puts the install base at 1.4 million, and should top 2 million fairly soon.

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Jobesy2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

No, they're terrible numbers. It's doomed I tell you! /s

Good start! My son is having a blast on his, he really loves it.

@MmaFan-Qc, all I know is, it earned me some pretty big brownie points lol. Also it's a damn good way to make sure homework gets done lol.

MmaFan-Qc2243d ago

and i bet YOU also love it...


Misterhbk2243d ago

Ha, man you couldn't be more spot on about that homework bit.

My little brother gets a packet every friday thats due the following thursday. He usually procrastinates and does the majority wednesday night. This week the entire packet was done on friday lol, he really didn't want that Vita getting taken away.

dc12243d ago

My son got his wish (3ds). I'm the one enjoying the Vita ;)

BlindGuardian2243d ago

congrats to Sony for sticking with the core audience that made them what they are inthe games market

bring on Burning Skies

ABizzel12243d ago

It's a decent launch, and those numbers are low IMO considering the PS Vita is the best handheld ever IMO from a pure technical standpoint.

Now Sony needs to stay on development and make sure 3rd parties do the same. The launch titles were good, but we need great games for the rest of the year and if rumors are true then it seems that's exactly what Sony will be producing for the year.

COD, Assassin's Creed, Resistance, LBP, and more are coming to Vita before the end of the year.

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fluffydelusions2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Nice numbers IMO. I'm also interested in the game sales though I know lots are going all digital with PSV which aren't reported.

TheGamingArt2243d ago

The digital sales are going to make VGChartz rec Vita sales. Essentially VGChartz is obsolete in any remote 'honesty'

rezzah2243d ago

It's VGcharts.

I thought they had a reputation for "fixing" numbers?

Emilio_Estevez2243d ago

Yup, not sure how everyone knows that, but I was banned from Neogaf for just mentioning it. Just take the #'s with a grain of salt I guess.

Outside_ofthe_Box2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Yeah, pretty solid in deed.

Now that I see the 3DS numbers I have no idea why people said it flopped in the beginning. Those numbers are solid as well.


Exactly. It was more of a "HA! We are right! Smartphones and tablets are declining mobile gaming!" When in fact when you look at the numbers, The 3DS and Vita only sold a couple 100k less than their previous system's week one sales.

fluffydelusions2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

3DS sells better monthly (globally) than consoles. People who say handhelds are doomed obviously know nothing about the market. Journalism these days is utter crap.

mcstorm2243d ago

Fluffy i agree with you i have said since the start i think the 3ds will sell more than the ds in its life time because nintendo have got the right mix of games for there handheld device. I also said the psv will fall behind the 3ds but it will sell more than the psp did in its life time. Sony are still new to this market and they are getting there with the mix of games like lbp mnr ect but they now need to start pushing the games in peoples faces so to speak to get people talking about the games and this will help push sony on to getting sales numbers like Nintendo are getting

hellztourguide4202243d ago

Ya...handheld gaming is not doomed. Journalists and analysts just see that mobile gaming is making a lot of money, but not really taking away the handheld's fire. Mobile gaming is just creating more casual gamers, whom never bought into dedicated handhelds in the first place. Handhelds are here to stay, no matter what anybody says.

Outside_ofthe_Box2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

"Mobile gaming is just creating more casual gamers, whom never bought into dedicated handhelds in the first place."


I have said this numerous amounts of times. Most People that are gaming on their phones, first off, are casual gamers and, second, are those that never bought handhelds in the first place. BUT you still have people that don't acknowledge this fact. =/

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Burning_Finger2243d ago

It would reach 100 Million in 5 years.

Yangus2243d ago

No,200 million!See the Future in a Crystal Ball!

-Solid start Vita-

LX-General-Kaos2243d ago

Congratulations to Sony and the Playstation Vita. I will soon pick up my unit with exclusive Gravity Daze to do my part in the further progression of Sony handhelds. A nice side piece to rest right next to my Nintendo 3DS.

Support Gravity Daze

Rated E For Everyone

Jazz41082243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Shouldn't have to much of a problem finding one as I have noticed most stores in the Las vegas area hae a good stock of them.

kikizoo2243d ago Show
Afirmitive2243d ago

Yep, that about sums it up. I will be playing street fighter x tekken, competitively, on the go come this summer. Thank you sony.

fluffydelusions2243d ago

I thought that doesn't release till fall on vita?

Afirmitive2243d ago

Still unconfirmed, but it's looking like an unusual august release.

--Onilink--2243d ago

well if by "on the go" you mean that you will use your phone as hotspot, then yeah.. remember 3G doesnt work for gaming

Still, pretty much any phone can work as hotspot these days and you might even have a better plan than the ones offered by AT&T for the 3G Vita

Afirmitive2242d ago

Yep, I'm referring to hot spot and wifi, since I live in NY. There's a wifi hot spot pretty much anywhere.

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