Boyhood before the Xbox

Virtual adventures didn't begin with 3D graphics and computer games. Neither did parental anxiety. The absence of modern paraphernalia would make the boy's world of a century ago seem more alien than deep space to the youngsters on a 2007 Christmas list: no video games or miniature music players, no cellphones, no television, video or movies.

And certainly no political correctness. The post-colonial ethos had not been invented, not by a long shot.

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The Killer3641d ago

why some people love to write so huge articles? am not bothered to read this big article which suppose to be about gaming!!
and why is xbox is used not ps2?? i smell fanboyism from this writer!

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Damn Thought I hit the ps3 link not the xbox! Edit. No for some reason this is in the PS3 section.

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PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | Industry News

^ It actually IS the PS3 section.