NRM/ Hardware Review: PlayStation Vita

NRM writes "Without question, the Vita is the most powerful and most compelling piece of portable gaming hardware to date that relies not on the gimmick of added dimensions, or indeed price points of pence to draw in the crowds. Put simply, the Vita is a gamer's handheld through-and-through; boasting near console-quality graphics, a fantastic line-up of games both in present and future (we await LittleBigPlanet Vita with bated breath), stunning functionality and a whole load of promise..."

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CptFlashHeart2484d ago

I agree with this article whole heartedly but I am disappointed at the display on darker pallets. The 'mura' (clouding, blotching, spots, stains) is still noticeable on my device on greys and subtle greens. Only when the software in use physically boosts the colours do the stains 'disappear' back again. I have about a 2.5 inch swirl (looks like a piece of rope) which is distracting almost all of the time I use my Vita.

I know people have reported different scales of issues with this problem but it just spoils what is a perfect handheld device. I'm debating whether to return it but I don't want to end up with one that's even worse. I love the colour depth of the OLED but I prefer the crisper finish of say my iPhone display.. and it doesn't have stains or distractions.

dontbhatin2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

in the safety guide it even explains that it will be like that for a while. all OLED screens do this apparently. the screen just needs to be broken in. mine has one light blotch about a inch long diagonally in the middle of the screen. i can only see it on the please wait loading screens on the vitas interface.

Mikhail2483d ago

That is a common thing with OLED. Its an inherent problem for this display. You may return it but there is a good possibility that it would persist in other products.

CptFlashHeart2483d ago

I know, but I don't think there is going to be a 'breaking in' period with this. I think it will always recur or be present. At the end of the day if I deem something as unsuitable then it's my perogative if I choose to get an exchange. That being said I can't decide if I can ignore it. It's like when I've had products with dead pixels in the past - the screen may as well have hundreds of them because that one or two just stand out to me all the time. Got 3 more weeks to make my mind up, but there is always a worry of an even worse display as seen on some of the images on google!

2483d ago
armchaircritic002483d ago

Strange, I haven't noticed anything similar with my Vita, I'll keep an eye out though for sure.