NVIDIA Releases New Windows XP Drivers

Yesterday NVIDIA rolled out a new driver for Windows XP users called ForceWare 169.21 for Windows XP and XP Media Center Edition. The new driver supports everything from the 8800 Ultra and new 8800 GT and 512MB GTS to the old GeForce FX 5100.

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Account deleted3804d ago

well it seems that hardware manufacturers are still focusing on windows xp, another pummel to vista(don't get me wrong i use and love vista, but microsoft has got something wrong with this iteration of windows

SaiyanFury3804d ago

Despite how hard MS might push Vista, the overwhelming majority of people who own PCs still run XP. I know I'll never upgrade to Vista. Just knowing that MS locks the keycode to hardware developers like Creative Labs, known for manufacturing soundcards, is reason enough to stay away. Any halfways enlightened person should be able to draw a similar conclusion.

Account deleted3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

i am not aware of the problems with vista because i haven't encountered any till now, and i play some games but i keep hearing that the framerate is smoother on xp, but isn't that due to incapability(or m$ doesn't it to) of xp to play directx 10 features, so you have less details like hdr blblablabla so that's why i think the framerate drops on vista(i am not sure enlighten me), anyway i don't care anymore because i am getting my ps3 in less than two weeks FTW

TheIneffableBob3804d ago

I've been using 169.21 for a couple days now.

DJ3804d ago

I get my Quad-Core since I'm installing Windows XP 64-bit on there.

JosefTor3804d ago

Focusing on Windows XP? These drivers are also available for Windows Vista. It just happens the poster left out that fact.

JosefTor3804d ago

Oh... and one more thing. People are so anti Vista due to speed not being the same (ps... when has a newer operating system trounced its previous bretheron). But... people are failing to realize its usability improvements which increase the speed in performing mundane tasks.

I'm not all for Windows Vista but... I just think people love to hate it and I'm pretty sure a lot of those people (not all) have not tried it yet.

WilliamRLBaker3804d ago

I love and both hate vista on my new laptop, but like the past what 4 OS's they will make it better with service packs and every one will rave about it.

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