OnLive Exclusive? Massively Multiplayer Game SkyKids Could be OnLive’s First

ProjectorGames, the indie game developer who is working to bring their hit title ‘FortressCraft’ to OnLive very soon, could also bring the first game exclusively made for OnLive to the service as well.

“I’ve been rumbling away on a game that’d work great on OnLive,” explained DJArcas. “It’s basically a 2D dog fighting PVP game.”
Before you start crying, “animal cruelty”, let us assure you that it doesn’t really involve dogs. The game is a side-scrolling aerial combat game, that will include a huge amount of different 3D fighters, including helicopters, bombers, space shuttles and more.

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Ares84HU2120d ago

You could say that but they keep hanging on. I just don't support the way OnLive is doing business because it doesn't give you actual ownership of your games and you can forget about collecting. Collectors will not support OnLive.

Also, Collectors Editions of games sell and sometimes they are 2x or 3x as much as the actual game so developers and publishers can make way more money. I don't think they want to give this up just yet.

Sobari2120d ago

I'm amazed OnLive is still around. I'd give it a try, but it seems EA has already jumped ship, and the service still lacks support from other big-name companies altogether.