Microsoft quietly combines TV efforts

CNET News - Ina Fried, December 21, 2007:

Microsoft has quietly folded its Internet Protocol television, Media Center, and HD DVD efforts into a single organization, known as the Connected TV business group.

The move, which took place in October, paves the way for the different technologies, all centered around the television, to work more closely together.

Microsoft has spent years and invested billions of dollars in the TV business, changing approaches several times along the way.

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Mikelarry3770d ago

blah blah untill they make the iptv service available to other isps other than bt not intrested

Account deleted3770d ago

they won't make it, because it won't rip the same profits

PimpHandHappy3770d ago

MS is starting to limit its cost because they see the end of HD-DVD even b4 there payout is done....

2bad really

First it was Vista and now its going to be HD-DVD and downloadable movies

v1c1ous3770d ago

xbox live is the 2nd most popular movie download service

JasonPC360PS3Wii3770d ago

Don't forget the Viacom deal that took place a few days ago, will push Xbox Live downloading even higher.

fredy3770d ago

I don't even think you made an sense with your comment.

Must be trolling again.

Bladestar3770d ago

lol... yes... please continue to undermind microsoft effords... I hope Sony shares their fanboys mentality and consider what microsoft is doing a failure and ignore them... yet, hopefully Sony continues to concentrate in blu-ray and not digital distribution as microsoft is doing... I like microsoft strategy acting as if what they are doing does not matter. So, when it actually happens... (just like xbox live) they will be ahead of the game.

yeah.. lol.. uhh nothing to worry about... stupid microsoft... haha! wasting all that money... iptv bahh! ... Sony continue what you are doing... ignore those fools at microsoft... digital distribution is dead... listen to your fanboys they are always right.

ravinash3769d ago

Oh, by the way can you hear the film your watching over the sound of that fan?

Raiden3769d ago

Many may say that MS abandon the Xbox1, how can you compete with a rival who has 2 and half year lead, why do you think most dev's had'nt received PS3 dev kits, as it was incomplete product, but Sony understands if it took too longer, it would be like the Xbox1 (I'm not kicking the PS3) MS always has a finger in some pie somewhere, They made a deal with Samsung and toshiba to allow MS access to all new techicnolgy from both companies, concedering that Toshiba is the number 2 chip developer in the world and Samsung is number 1, so what ever MS has planned i look further to see it......X360 HAND anyone.