Retail Chain Responds To Wii Scalping Accusations

Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera on December 20 reported a story about an American Midwest retail chain, Slackers, scalping Wiis on eBay. Slackers have issued a statement strongly denying the accusations, saying that only 5 of their 44 Wiis have been sold on eBay. The full statement can be read at Kotaku.

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waitbeyond3643d ago

"Slackers prides itself on its commitment to its customers, and offers great products with great service at a fair price."

If they are commitmented to customers and offer to fair price, why put it on eBay? Don't give me that damn excuse about exposure to a different market.
This is blatently price gauging to the consumers.

eddierivera3643d ago

Nothing pisses me off more than a company that says they dont have any in stock when they really do. I dont feel sorry for any company who thinks they can rip people off and then tries to justify themselves. They are just mad cause they have to wait another year to get that car they always wanted,, while the general public gives their last dollar to "The Man" just so we can see a smile on our kids faces on christmas. I wanted a wii for myself,, but im not like all of these retards who spend the extra 100 dollars or so to get one. I would rather wait till i could get it at retail, Just buy a PS3 or XBOX 360,, wtf is wrong with you people? The wii isnt even next gen,, why would you buy one for $400 dollars when you can buy a real next gen? Jesus, i dont even care about this, im not gonna say anything cause you retards are just gonna do it anyways,, you guys are the reason why the wii is selling for so much,, cause you *ags keep on buying for more than its worth,, FUC* YOU TOO! I hate humanity.