Pokemon Black And White Version 2 For DS: Bad Move, Nintendo

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Last week, the Internet was abuzz with rumors concerning a new Pokemon game announcement. Said game (games, rather) turned out to be Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2. The platform? Nintendo DS.

In the words of Norm MacDonald...wait, what?

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Knight_Cid2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Again chris cant see the big picture.

Let me educate you on portable history.

The ds has launched, and the gba is on its way out.

What does gamefreak do?

they release pokemon emerald, and drill dozer on the gba.

The first rpg pokemon doesn't come on the ds until 2006.

2 years later.

We are just now appraoching the end of the first year.

pokemon rumble blast had nothing to do with gamefreak. They liscensed that out.

its brilliant

ds sales are practically nothing right now. The 3ds is BC.

MONEY without the cost.

Its brilliant

sinncross2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Pokemon Emerald released in Japan on September 16, 2004.
The NDS released December 2, 2004.

Another key difference is that Emerald was released very early in the DS life cycle. We are like a year into the 3DS now.

Not saying that the article is right, just that you kinda need to clean up your facts before casting a stone.

Knight_Cid2276d ago

And when did the first ds rpg pokemon happen? 2006.

Drill dozer

JP September 22, 2005
NA February 6, 2006

So the point still stands

badz1492276d ago

wha...? out of colours for name already?

Trunkz Jr2275d ago

Why is everyone surprised that a sequel to a DS game is coming out on the.... DS?

Obviously they'll release a new Generation for the 3DS.

Neko_Mega2276d ago

Lame, guess no support for 3DS. Wondering why not 3DS? I mean it should have more space to help make a bigger Pokemon game.

mamotte2276d ago

"Black & White 2... I just heard the name and played all the game in my mind. And you know what? It sucks"

This is nothing new. Blue, Red and the "sequel" Yellow were in GB. Gold, Silver and Crystal in GBC. Ruby Sapphire and Emerald in GBA. All third versions of the game were in the same portable console, so what's new here?

Reasons? There's a lot more of DS users than 3DS users. That way, you can sell more and more copies, the game doesnt feel rushed, and, if someone wants to play it, will probably buy a 3DS since it's backwards compatible. You can extend the life of the console. Also, a lot of people are waiting for the almost secure 2nd version of the console, so they can sell a brand new pkmn game with, idk, the 3DS dualstick or something. There's a lot of smart reasons to do what they're doing.

Stop crying for nothing, because that's exactly what we know about it: Nothing.

Titanz2276d ago

...And there you go. It's a, "two birds with one stone", scenario.

A7XEric2275d ago

These articles are retarded. The 3rd version game of each gen never comes out on a different platform than its original 2 versions.

Do any of these people realize how long it takes to remodel/draw 600+ pokemon alone? I don't want Game Freak to take 2 or 3 years to develop some sequel to B/W. I rather the company make new tech for 6th gen, not for the usual 3rd version of the current generation. Trust me I'm starving for the first real 3DS Pokemon game too, but there's more reasons to not release this on 3DS than to actually release it on the platform.

klecser2275d ago

3rd version pokemon games are the biggest scam in gaming. They offer very little extra content than the first game. They are only good for people that didn't complete one of the first two versions. So, maybe "scam" is a strong word, because if it allows people that didn't get in on the first two versions to experience it, they are sort of like a "gold" version. But, if they expect someone who played black or white already to play this and people actually do, it is the most successful a-hole business model out there. Kudos to them for making more money, I guess, but the amount of extra content never justifies a purchase for people who already played it, IMO.