SOE NOT being sold to Indian company

Sony Online Entertainment is not being bought out by Indian company Zapak Digital Entertainment. Sony Online Entertainment President and CEO John Smedley quickly refuted the article. "No idea who made this up. We are in discussions with various companies in India about bringing our games to this growing market but that's it. We aren't for sale," he said. "It's completely and utterly false."

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Gordii3771d ago

Must be a slow news day.

Polluted3771d ago

Seriously, eh? Look at the top three stories. None of those would even make the front page on a normal day. I think most gaming devs and PR people probably started their Christmas vacations this weekend. It's going to be a slow news week.

Hydrollex3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

seriosuly ? I'm not racist, I know some A55 holes are waiting to call other people racist but who gives a sh!t to India if SOE not being sold ? If it was GTA IV location is one of India's city then I would do something ? They even don't have many gamers. They are kind of poor and I don't think they even think about gaming.

narindp3771d ago

who cares about ur ugly ass u fukin fa.g

rofldings3771d ago

Yes, India is still a developing country, but the PS2 has sold very well there compared to the competition.

Sony is a very powerful brand in India, because it equates to reliability and quality products.

Polluted3771d ago

@hydro: Dude I have no idea what you're trying to say.

The_Dragon3771d ago

By 2010, India's online gaming market will exceed $200 million. "While long dormant, the online games market in India is starting to head up," says Allison Luong of Pearl Research, a consulting firm that's studying the region.

India in 2006 is comparable to China in 2001, when the country's online gaming culture started to take shape. Within the next ten years, India could emerge as one of the top online markets in Asia, right alongside China, Korea and Taiwan.

What's driving this? According to Pearl Research, the market is being pushed forward by increasing broadband use, growth in Internet cafes and a sizable middle-class with money to burn.

moujahed3771d ago

India is full of some of the best doctors, their technology is just as good as ours because they import just like America. Have you ever been there?? Never speak about something that you have no experience with.

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aslucher3771d ago

.. missed the story earlier that said it was being sold to Zapak

Polluted3771d ago

Well I guess we can call that rumour busted...although I don't remember hearing about it in the first place.

ahnonamis3771d ago

For an hour or two after The Economic Times reported on it EVERYONE was trying to be the first to break the news. Even Reuters still has their article up about it (probably because no one's working late at night on a Saturday). Smedley squashed the rumor really quick, though.

SaiyanFury3771d ago

Frankly I'm glad they're not going overseas. Too many US companies have been outsourced to India, including Linksys. At least SOE people will continue to speak intelligible English.

lodossrage3771d ago

Enough U.S. companies outsource to india as it is

devilhunterx3771d ago

speak Intelligent English?

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