New releases in upcoming weeks in Japan (12/24/07 - 1/6/08)

Not all games are listed, only major releases. As magazine circulations will stop during the year-end/new-year holiday week (12/29/07 - 1/4/08), major new releases for the week after are listed in advance:

• Wii - Nodame Cantabile (12/27)

• DS - Rune Factory 2 (1/3)

• PS3 - Call of Duty 4 (12/27)

• PS2 - Super Robot Wars OG Side Story (12/27)

• PSP - Star Ocean 1 First Departure (12/27), Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku (12/27)

• 360 - Call of Duty 4 (12/27), Gundam Musou International (12/27)

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Cop_Boy3802d ago

cod4 wasnt released over there till now !!!!!!!!!! wow just wow

resistance1003802d ago

FPS don't fair well over there. So hense are released later, as it isn't seen as an important market

pwnsause3802d ago

COD4 wont sell well for either system over there, the PSP will do more than well this week.

Nugundam00793802d ago

The Super Robot Series does really well over there, But original generations doesnt seems to be the new big draw.

ASSASSYN 36o3802d ago

Time to snipe some jap gamers.