11 PlayStation Exclusives Vita Needs

Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld launched last week with a modest lineup, offering a number of PlayStation exclusives so often associated with new hardware launches. Everybody's Golf, Ridge Racer and Lumines both have their places firmly etched in portable PlayStation history, while Nathan Drake entered the handheld scene with his Golden Abyss (hmm, that sounds kind of dirty...)
But what of Vita's future? We all know there will eventually be a Call of Duty, as well as plenty of cross-platform releases of the Rayman Origins caliber, but everyone knows the handheld will live and die by its exclusive content, something that can separate it decisively from Nintendo's 3DS, and hopefully place it deep within its own market of "hardcore" gamers.
What PlayStation exclusives need to come to the handheld to keep it relevant?

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Relientk772423d ago

Good list,

I would also add Ratchet & Clank to the list

then Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon, or some RPG series.

NewMonday2422d ago

i want more original games like Gravity Rush

CarlitoBrigante2422d ago

God of War
Heavenly Sword

josephayal2422d ago

And Xbox 360/wii Exclusives like Alan wake, The Conduit, gears of war, splinter cell Conviction, trials hd and many many more

IRetrouk2422d ago

I want a gran turismo, but won't happen as pd are probs working on gt6

fOrlOnhOpe572422d ago

Randy Pitchford recently said that Gearbox would love to bring Borderlands to the Vita. Yes please Mr Pitchford!

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The story is too old to be commented.