'Fortune' worth its weight in gold

Developer Naughty Dog has done a great job fleshing out a storyline that introduces the three very likable characters without giving away too much. In other words, expect to see more Drake games in the future.

Score: 8.5/10

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macalatus3643d ago

Yup, the dialog in this game rivals 95% of what Hollywood produces right now.

Guwapo773643d ago

I mean many different reviews have we seen for this game already? Awesome game no doubt about it...but sweet ba geezus, give it a rest.

Barreldragon003643d ago

Now i just want more UT3 reviews.

Bathyj3643d ago

I bet alot of these good reviews aren't making it to metacritic. At least when they're reported here we get to hear about them.

Chriswsm3643d ago

I must admit that this game had not really appealed to me that much for some reason. However the lack of negative reviews has me reconsidering. Perhaps I will obtain it tomorrow as a present to myself.