The Last Story is superior to FFXIII-2 in almost every way | Cubed3 Review

With only Final Fantasy XIII-2 as The Last Story's main competition here in Europe right now, gamers should definitely be looking to snap this up instead as it proves to be far superior in almost every category. Hironobu Sakaguchi can safely say his latest creation surpasses his first ever.

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jacksonmichael2093d ago

Good to hear. Much better than that review that called it a poor man's Final Fantasy. Stoked.

Ravenor2093d ago

I search for the reviews that mirror how I feel about something too!

Ranma12093d ago

Not really an achievement ...

GamingTruth2093d ago

especially when its an untrue achievement which isnt really true at all

Fishy Fingers2093d ago

Needless comparisons in the title cheapen the review for me. Trying to hard.

360GamerFG2093d ago

Not really an achievement now is it? I'm just sayin, it ain't sayin much.

Kamikaze1352093d ago

Sadly it's not. Final Fantasy has fallen pretty damn hard. Shame...used to be my favorite series.

iamtehpwn2093d ago

Pretty sensationalized title in order to get hits. Even if this is true, would it honestly surprise someone that the creator of Final Fantasy makes RPG's better than his team of successors?

camel_toad2093d ago

I just hate to see when good devs end up making an exclusive game for the Wii. Would have really liked to have seen this one on 360 or ps3. I just dislike my non-hd muddy graphics wii too much to even get games on it anymore.

superman2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

So the Wii shouldnt get games anymore because it isn't HD. Nice logic.

camel_toad2093d ago

My logic is that I, not "everyone", dont like playing games on the Wii simply because they would undoubtedly look better on other systems and often control better as well.

The wii obviously has some great games, but I think most of them would fare better on the other systems graphically. Imagine what the last Zelda (as pretty as it may be) could have looked like if the Wii was a little more powerful. We may have had a Zelda thats much closer in appearance to the WiiU Zelda demo.

GFahim2093d ago

so people complain that 'teh wii has no gamez!'

and then when it does have games, people now question as to why the hell games are on this platform.

i guess nintendo are simply in a lose-lose situation with you guys huh?

TheDivine2093d ago

I agree kind of. I would of loved this on the 360 in beautiful hd graphics but every console needs its exclusives. The Last Story, Xenoblade, and Zelda SS are 3 reasons for anyone who skipped out on the wii to go buy one for dirt cheap and enjoy these epic games. Wii fans deserve some killer titles too, theyre gamers also.

Im really hoping Sakaguchi finds a home at nintendo after ms let (imo) the most brilliant jrpg maker on the planet get away. The 3ds would be perfect for his jrpgs (maybe Last Story 2) and the wii-u would be killer also.

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The story is too old to be commented.