PC Gaming To Be Changed Forever

PC gamers rejoice, as a little one-stop solution to any technical problems you face is now on the way. Well technically it's already here, but like Wikipedia and Youtube, it takes a slow rolling ball of momentum and attention before it becomes truly conventional, but 'PC Gaming Wiki 2.0' is a new Wiki site dedicated to being the definitive database of all videogame problems and solutions.

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dirthurts2303d ago

This is actually really great. Consumers deserve a reliable place to go get support for their games. The companies producing the games are usually clueless.

PersonMan2303d ago

This is why I'm mainly a console gamer. I'm always running into issues with PC games and I swear I spend more time trouble shooting and f-ing with settings instead of enjoying the actual game.

dougr2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

get a better computer that can handle the games no problem. I know nothing about computers (programming, computer language, etc.) but even I was able to build a computer from scratch without any issues what-so-ever. No BSD's, nothing. The only problem I have is that I spend to much time looking at mods rather than playing.

Just in my opinion if you are spending a lot of time trouble shooting, then maybe you are doing things you probably shouldn't be doing with the amount of knowledge you posses or don't possess such as overclocking or something.

ProjectVulcan2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

It is rare that i get a complete game stopping problem with my machine on a modern PC game. Personally at least i can't think of the last one i had. I know a few titles may have had problems but they have usually been fixed quickly.

Sim City 4 is the last game i played that gave me any sort of fuss, but then it is nearly 10 years old. I had it fixed up and running lovely in 1080p with a short bit of fiddling. Thats right, i can even play fairly ancient PC games in a resolution higher than current consoles!

Worth the effort? Sure was. PC as a legacy platform will always have some problems on aging titles, but for the most part if you are up to a bit of fiddling you can play almost anything on a PC from the entire history of the platform. That and most consoles made too with emulators! It never hurt anyone learning more about computer systems.

I see this is as major advantage of PC. What console can you turn on to play the the actual original version of a game you bought 20 years ago or so, and then a brand new cutting edge PC title, and then an gamecube game in HD? Just the other day i played Grim Fandango, from the disc it came on with the help of a useful little installer. This is an epic game and you can't get it anywhere else right now.

So a site of this kind is very welcome in the PC gaming community. I would use it to ensure i can keep playing my PC games another 20 years down the line.

ATi_Elite2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

No problem..........if you keep your REGISTRY CLEAN in which most people DO NOT but instead like to BLAME the DEVS/Nvidia/AMD when something goes wrong even though the DEVS are PRO Programmers and your just an NOVICE PC user with a DIRTY REGISTRY and OLD DRIVERS!

I have almost no problems with my games. STEAM patches my GPU's and Games AUTOMATICALLY and i keep my registry clean and disk defragged.

simple stuff folks very simple stuff and before you say consoles this console that, seems to me they have a ton of firmware updates just as much as the PC now a days but the only difference is the registry of course and different drivers.

Problem with your game = User error 96% of the time.

Good site idea though.

PersonMan2302d ago

You know what though? On my console, I don't have to keep my registry clean or worry about old drivers. Also, if I wanna play a game from 5 years ago, it's gonna work exactly how it did 5 years ago. If I play a 5 year old PC game, operating systems may have changed since then and if the developer stopped supporting that title, it may not work correctly with the new software, or new graphics drivers. Do you understand where I'm coming from here?

Games run awesome on a good PC, but I still run into issues that are NOT user error. I get badly optimized PC games (ehem... GTA IV) and I recently bought an AMD 6870 1GB card and found out that the stupid power-play feature makes the framerate micro-stutter and it's annoying as hell! Next time I will buy nVidia because AMD's powersaving features does weird things if the card isn't working hard enough. Heck, my old 4870 has no problems with micro-stuttering and it's an old card.

Rowland2303d ago

on PC you can update 2002's Elder Scrolls: Morrowind to give it a brand new look & feel while retaining the same amazing sense of world yet with incredible new professional quality user content so it's like playing an amazing massive expansion pack that graphically is more 2007.

Consoles are good fun but they can't do this ! and if you think Skyrim is good on a console the PC version blows it out of the water big time.

PC gaming is 10,000% worth the occasional niggle & frustration that always gets ironed out quite quickly anyway.