Heavenly Sword gets patched to 1.1

The PS3-exclusive action game, Heavenly Sword recently got a 1.10 patch.

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PimpHandHappy3526d ago

but maybe this was for Home

cant wait for part 2

DiLeCtioN3526d ago

it got rumble support..too bad i traded it after i finished of course. you gotta pick this game and try it even if its for a night, most beautiful cut scenes ive seen in an action adventure game :))


Legion3525d ago

Yep that was my number one reason for buying a game. How nice the cutscenes are... lol
I'm SOLD!!!!

Maddens Raiders3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

18 Megs?

Testing now; better not brick anything. ; )

Marceles3526d ago

The rumble feels rumbles during gameplay and on cutscenes. I'm beating it on hell mode to get the full experience.