Reapers Land In New Jersey

The Reaper invasion of Earth has begun and they’ve started with New Jersey. Last week, Electronic Arts launched several copies of their upcoming science fiction game Mass Effect 3 into space so that lucky fans in San Francisco and New York could scavenge free copies when the space capsules landed. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and the San Francisco games got stuck in the branches of a Redwood tree while the copies intended for New York landed in New Jersey.

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tigertron2305d ago

For a minute there I hoped the Reapers destroyed the cast of Jersey Shore.

clank5432305d ago

Not even Reapers would mess with the disgusting mass of flesh known as Snooki

chriski3332305d ago

snooki would want smush smush wit the reapers

tigertron2305d ago

Why do we need Shepard and a whole fleet of aliens when we have Snooki and her smush smush?

THC CELL2305d ago

i was hoping to see infamous 3