Best Overall Game of 2007: Mario Galaxy beats Bioshock

Yahoo Games:

It's a forgone conclusion. How can the best Mario game of the last decade not be game of the year? Mario Galaxy took us upside-down, turned us into bees, shape-shifted into ghosts, and we loved every minute. Here's a game that actually feels at home on the Wii, with a control system that's absolutely superb - and an inspired two-player mode that's the perfect way to introduce a friend to the game.

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DiLeCtioN3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Mario is a great game, shiny new characters, new location and introduction of 2player but i dunno... there are other games that deserve the award.

call of duty 4?
and many more........

EDIT: i dont mind getting disagrees cus this is N4G but you cant hide the fact that 2007 had great games like Mario Galaxy or better than

Winter47th3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

A game that arguably has only gameplay and the worst story EVER ' save the b!tch ', beats Bioshock that excels at EVERYTHING, even COD4, what a professional choice they've made..

Simply put, my pick for GOTY is Bioshock, hands down, that game is a pure gem that is so well crafted that i don't think an FPS for quite sometime could touch its magic, that game had volumes of philosophies, amazing balanced gameplay, awesome art direction, unparalleled twists, freedom, choices, the ending sucked though.

Leave it at that, what about the Orange Box? Portal alone is pure awesomeness that the little bit of black-comedy jokes and the ending alone wipes the floor with Mario's-3-lines-dialogue-in-to tal-story line.

Yeah okay Nintendo saved the gaming industry 20 years ago well done, but stop feeling like you owe it to them to kiss their a$$es on a yearly bases with all the BS about how awesome Mario is |:

This's exactly why i lost my faith in gaming journalism starting with reviews and it sure doesn't end there.

MK_Red3808d ago

Agreed on Bioshock that excels at EVERYTHING, even COD4.
SMG definitly didn't deserve the award. When platformers like Psychonauts (Created by Tim Schafer of Grim Fandango and Monkey Island) can have an award winning story, it's a shame how Mario has such a terrible one.

BioShock rules. Nuff said ;)

Silver3603808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Most people remember Mario from nes days so it is a safe pick. I mean honestly does it really matter? Most gamers on this site have more sophisticated tastes when it comes to games. I mean for petes sake we argue about pipelines and fill rates. This Game of the year thing on yahoo is just an opinion.

T_O873808d ago shal i say more ? i dont know why are there reviews included in metacritics what a joke

The Brave 13807d ago

there were many great games in 2007.Many were greater than SMG.This mario has been blown out of proportion for years .Its just a stupid plumber running around.ridiculous!!!!!

Bubble Buddy3807d ago

I don't like Mario. Mario 64 was amazing. Galaxy does the same. but seriously. I'm sick of it. sick of it

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unsunghero283808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Both games are spectacular, so it's definitely all personal preference (I think any of 1's choices could have got GOTY) but I really, really like Galaxy.

I expect a lot of people will disagree and we're all in for a nice reminder of the standard anti-SMG comments. But in my mind it makes perfect sense as GOTY.

Why? I agree that those titles are great, but I don't understand why Galaxy is the game that gets shot down. What makes the highest-reviewed game of the generation unworthy of GOTY?

MK_Red3808d ago

Completely disagreed. BioShock, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed and Orange Box are the games worthy of GOTY not SMG. SMG is great but not BioShock great.

killer_trap3808d ago

bio shock, mass effect and uncharted were great. assassins creed was a really boring game.

MK_Red3808d ago

Disagree with you on Assassins but at least we agree that BioShock, Mass Effect and Uncharted were great.

TwissT3808d ago

Wow Galaxy? But I definitly agree with MK_RED, Galaxy is great but not Bioshock great.

MK_Red3808d ago

Agreed :)
At least it's Yahoo. Let's hope real game sites and magazines go for th real GOTY worthy titles.

KeiZka3808d ago

EDGE already did proclaim SMG as GOTY...

MK_Red3808d ago

EDGE is the same site that gave to PGR4 but 7 to Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed. 7 to Medal of Honor: Airbourne but 6 to Heavenly Sword and 4-5 to Eye of Judgement. So it's what I call a real magazine at leasnt not based on their taste and game scores.

unsunghero283807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Trust me MK_Red, YahooGames! and Edge are not going to be the only gaming news sources that name Galaxy as GOTY.

Well, I can't argue with that; Galaxy didn't change the formula all that much. Spherical worlds and gravity and motion sensing, but other than all that, no it isn't all that revolutionary. But the Mario formula is a winning one, and truth be told SMG is very well executed.

This is a great year; the sad truth is that there can only be one game of the year, but IMO a whole lot of titles deserve the title.

MK_Red3807d ago

That's what I'm afraid of. SMG is a great game but it's not as ground breaking as BioShock, Mass Effect or Call of Duty 4. It's indeed a well designed and fun game but I didn't feel really overwhelmed when playing it. Bio had that effect and to a lesser extent ME and then COD4.

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killer_trap3808d ago

the best game i played this year. now before i get stomped here. it's just an opinion. the fun factor in this game was above and beyond anything i played on both the ps3 and the 360. i hate the wii but i gotta give credit where credit is due.

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