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Trendy Gamers: I've never played a Ben 10 game before and the only true knowledge I have of the series is that it had a very popular iteration a few years back that catapulted the franchise into a top seller. So going into Ben 10 Galactic Racing, I had a completely open mind and was ready for anything. Well, what I was given was a basic kart racer with graphics that would be underwhelming on the Playstation Portable, let alone the Playstation Vita.

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TrendyGamers2487d ago

I just checked and this is the first review for the Vita version so hopefully no one bought this game thinking it would be good.

TooTall192487d ago

I'm sorry you had to play this.

TrendyGamers2487d ago

Thanks, at least it was over quickly.

TrendyGamers2487d ago

It was a shame that this was the first game that I played on my Vita, it didn't exactly show off the graphical power of the machine.

Jio2487d ago

What? Why would you even buy this?

TrendyGamers2487d ago

I rented it and it was for reviewing purposes only.