2007 Mod of the Year Awards

40,000 votes later the players top choice indie games and mods are ready for perusal and critical testing.

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intenscia3865d ago

some good titles in there. HL2 and BF2 mods dominated once again

Bathyj3865d ago

100 bucks says next years winner will be a UT3 mod.

WilliamRLBaker3865d ago

I can see you all most said ut3 ps3 mod;)

In reality there are many games with the abbility to be modded between now and the end of next year it wont be ut3.

TwissT3865d ago

If not I bet at least most of the nominees will be a UT3 mod

rofldings3865d ago

in reality, none of those games are on 360.

PC = land of mods. Anyway, my favorite mod would be zombie mod for CSS, I've played that since the day it came out for hours on end.

iceice1233864d ago

On Zombie murder, those servers are too good for you.

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