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Top Ten Longest Boss Battles In Recent History

"The boss battle has been a staple of gaming since its inception. Whether it be as far back as the dragons in Adventure, or the huge set-piece battles in a modern FPS, boss battles are often the spectacle that can make or break a game. We’re going to be looking a quantity rather than quality though, in an attempt to bring you a list of the ten longest boss battles in recent memory. This list may contain mild spoilers." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

PSVITAlitysensor  +   978d ago
First time slaying Lagiacrus in Monster Hunter Tri?? HELL YEAH!!! I was left with just one minute out of fifty o_O
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Ranma1  +   978d ago
Longest is penance and Yiazmat
villevalorox  +   978d ago
Old monk deamons souls. Took over 2 hours. Its was pvp ... longest boss battle for me.
Megaton  +   978d ago
Yeah, Yiazmat. 2+ hours, even if you're well-equipped.
callahan09  +   977d ago
Old Monk in Demon's Souls? I just ran around in circles and cast the homing soul arrow spell over and over again, and if he tried to heal, you stab him quickly and then repeat. Takes 2 minutes to kill him, easiest boss in the game.
Ginn  +   977d ago

He said it was PVP, not vs dumb computer AI.
rezzah  +   978d ago
First time slayings in any MH is hard, and always take the longest.

They get better with improved armor, weapons, and skill. You will start to see the kill time lowering.

Though there are those who take very long to kill, especially at the G-Rank level.
MsclMexican  +   978d ago

Still an awesome game
Christopher52323902   977d ago | Spam
andibandit  +   977d ago
Longest is, <add any japanese game here>
MrGunny94  +   978d ago
MGS boss battles were the best to me :) Always fun because either you could kill them or Tranq them!
CarlitoBrigante  +   978d ago
All the boss battles in Sony exclusive games are awesome and epic.
lorianguy  +   978d ago
I'd say Uncharted 3 was epic because of the running away afterwards and the stealthy following beforehand, but the actual fight with Talbot is incredibly short.
NewMonday  +   978d ago
the sniper battle vs the End was very memorable
Solid_Snake37  +   978d ago
Here´s a useful strategy for the End: Try to sneak up behind him and run your ass after him when he runs away
NBT91  +   978d ago
Or if you are fighting The End, set your clock forward a week or so lol
Or you can hit him early before you get to Sokrovenno. It's right after the stream with the guys on the hover pads. If you're quick with the SVD you can cap him while he's in his wheelchair. Of course then there's a team of Ocelots patrolling Sokrovenno, but you can slip past them.
karam  +   978d ago
My longest boss battle was in POKEMON GOLD against ASH

Using lvl50 pokemons to beat 80-90lvl was my ultimate joy

Notice: I was only 10 at that time
trenso1  +   977d ago
Yea I did that challenge as well, I also tried it with just 3 high leveled Pokemon my feraligator almost fainted. Feels good winning a battle like that and you have less than 20 HP
Der_Kommandant  +   978d ago
Twisted Metal final boss!
jthamind  +   978d ago
i've heard some of the boss battles in the Persona games on PS2 are ridiculously long. my own longest boss battle was against Penance in Final Fantasy X. i imported the International version and a PAL PS2 just to play the full game.
tigertron  +   978d ago
I think some of the longest boss battles I've ever had were from FFX and X-2.
bozebo  +   978d ago
FF12 had some crazy long bosses, you know in the MH ripoff side mission things.

I never got to fight penance in FFX though because my damn save would always corrupt in that game after fighting dark ixion :S
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TheColbertinator  +   978d ago

The fights against Nyx and Elizabeth in Persona 3 are incredibly long.
LordLaguz  +   978d ago
Some bosses on persona 4 really took me a long time, of course i didn't have the best party setup, and i play more defensive, but it was fun that i was fighting against both the boss and my MP bar, if the boss make you heal every turn, and you don't attack for a while, you will die because you cant heal yourself anymore.
_Aarix_  +   978d ago
Took me an hour to defeat the boss on lost odyssey.
WitWolfy  +   977d ago
DONT MENTION THAT GAME!!!! You'll make me want to play it AGAIN!

Jason143  +   978d ago
MGS rules all
FlareDReborn  +   978d ago
Barthandelus in FFXIII took me 18 mins..
TopDudeMan  +   978d ago
Why am I not surprised that there are like 3 ff games on this?
j-blaze  +   978d ago
note, all of the games listed are Japanese :)
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TotalHitman  +   978d ago
The End boss battle can also be one of the shortest if you shoot him in the head early in the game.
Then he explodes and you get bombed by one of the wheels from his chair. Look out for that.
devilhunterx  +   978d ago
Luca Blight (Suikoden II)
NewVegasTroop  +   978d ago
radic from killzone 2, they give you a trophy for defeating him in less then 25 minutes, nuff said...
Rhythmattic  +   977d ago
Yep, Radec on K2 Elite for me..... Came back every few days due to Rage quits....

Probably could have done it quicker by looking at walkthroughs.... but who wants to do that ? I dont.
Mr Tretton  +   977d ago
I don't if that's the 'longest', but in recent memory it is my favorite Boss battle.
NarooN  +   977d ago
Ever since KZ2 Radec on Elite way back in early '09, I've yet to fight a more difficult, exhilarating battle. That entire level was insane. I actually regret selling the game, it was damn good, just the control delay was so annoying.

That game is still my favorite platinum I've ever gotten.
NewVegasTroop  +   976d ago
yep, on elite is a completely new level of difficulty, took me a week to get inside the palace and another week to defeat radic, all of this i did without walkthroughs and then i got exited and went to the vissari and skipped the cut scene and glitched the trophy, then i used walkthroughs to defeat radic again :(

anyways IMO killzone 2 is among the top ten games of this console generation across all the other consoles. i think the controls were a good thing and something that made killzone 2 unique and one of a kind, it also added to the gameplay, its a shame that you sold killzone 2, i got 100% trophies and almost max rank and still not getting tired of it, its just too good...
kasasensei  +   977d ago
Burn him. Then it takes 2 minutes.
NarooN  +   977d ago
It's not even the firefight WITH Radec that takes that long, but the endless waves of goons that he has that you have to obliterate. I blew his brains out almost instantly when I finally got to him.
kasasensei  +   976d ago
My advice:
Stay closer to the stairs on the left of the room, take cover here and shoot the mobs coming from the stairs in their back as soon as they trying to reach your position, they don't stand a chance here, really, even in "Elite".
Do not use the flamethrower, keep it for radec, burn that bitch to prevent him to become invisible and finish him.
TheColbertinator  +   978d ago
Yizamat and Omega Mch. 12 took forever
SeraphimBlade  +   978d ago
WRONG! There's no Nyx Avatar from Persona 3. Guy takes a solid hour, and that's assuming he doesn't charm one of your allies into healing ALL OF HIS HEALTH. ALL OF IT. P4 had some real bastards to.

Also, good to know that it's Peace Walker's fault that I'm sucking, not mine.

(seriously though, decent list)
bobrea  +   978d ago
The fight against The End is one of my all-time favorites. So tense for so long.
The End was one of the best boss battles ever. I liked the fight with Crying Wolf for the same reasons. The blizzard and the Frogs added a bit of tension to that one.
PirateThom  +   977d ago
I think I broke that boss fight... if you hide under one of the trucks, the Frogs can't find you and you can snipe away... occassionally, she'll jump on the roof of the truck and damage you, but she never does it often enough to cause issues as you regenerate before she does it again. So, it took me ages, but not because it was challenging, but because I, without realising initially, took the challenge out of it.
M4I0N3  +   978d ago
ah MDK2 final boss is missing from that list :/
FinaLXiii  +   978d ago
The Legend of Dragoon final boss fight.
yabhero  +   977d ago
Just finished MGS3D... I killed The End by saving, setting my 3DS to March 14th and going back... he died of old age.
Imalwaysright  +   977d ago
0_o So it took you roughly 2 weeks to kill him?
trenso1  +   977d ago
One boss battle the was long for me at least was fighting mysterious figure in kn:bbs with aqua on critical.
ColossiSlayer  +   977d ago
Multiple Boss fights in Valkyria Chronicles on PS3, easily had the longest boss fights Ive faced in my life, especially on your first playthrough of the game.

Old school longest fight was Ghaleon in Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and the last boss to Xenogears.
No FanS Land  +   977d ago
garl vinland in Demon's souls, especially when he's in black phantom, god is this battle long!
helghast102  +   977d ago
Nothing beats Yiazmat, with the one hour strategy being absurdly risky, two-hours if you're good and SIX hours being the standard.. yeah.
IZJS speeds it up though, with more powerful weapons, damage limit breakers and a speed up button, but still..
zu4G  +   977d ago
ffxii (ps2) bosses were long
DarthBigE  +   977d ago
Bayonetta final boss took me a good while...She Wouldn't Die!!!
WitWolfy  +   977d ago
Nah the final boss in "Star Ocean: The last hope" Took me longer than an hour to defeat that guy!
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softgrip  +   977d ago
The underwater Weapon in ffvii took Many attempts, and ended up taking over 2 hours. My game promptly crashed as the characters did their victory dance :(

I had an Australian release which ended up having a bug where if you missed clouds ultimate weapon near the beginning you went without it for the rest of the game. Still one of the best games ever!!
KarateExplosion  +   977d ago
Maybe it was me sucking but it took me roughly 2 and a half hours to beat Shao Kahn in the new mortal kombat = /. Stoopid hammer and stoopider Raiden.
Nicaragua  +   977d ago
i just gave up on that one - far too annoying and far too much luck required.
WitWolfy  +   977d ago
Also on MGS 2 this weekend I noticed that if you dont know how to kill FATMAN ( I used claymore mines on the patterns he skated to shoot him in the head when he fell) you could be fighting him as well for a loooooong time... So impossible to shoot him while he skates every where planting bombs around every turn!
aDDicteD  +   977d ago
Im glad there are ff and mgs titles on the list ,,

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