Top Ten Longest Boss Battles In Recent History

"The boss battle has been a staple of gaming since its inception. Whether it be as far back as the dragons in Adventure, or the huge set-piece battles in a modern FPS, boss battles are often the spectacle that can make or break a game. We’re going to be looking a quantity rather than quality though, in an attempt to bring you a list of the ten longest boss battles in recent memory. This list may contain mild spoilers."

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PSVITAlitysensor2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

First time slaying Lagiacrus in Monster Hunter Tri?? HELL YEAH!!! I was left with just one minute out of fifty o_O

Ranma12060d ago

Longest is penance and Yiazmat

villevalorox2060d ago

Old monk deamons souls. Took over 2 hours. Its was pvp ... longest boss battle for me.

Megaton2060d ago

Yeah, Yiazmat. 2+ hours, even if you're well-equipped.

callahan092059d ago

Old Monk in Demon's Souls? I just ran around in circles and cast the homing soul arrow spell over and over again, and if he tried to heal, you stab him quickly and then repeat. Takes 2 minutes to kill him, easiest boss in the game.

Ginn2059d ago


He said it was PVP, not vs dumb computer AI.

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rezzah2060d ago

First time slayings in any MH is hard, and always take the longest.

They get better with improved armor, weapons, and skill. You will start to see the kill time lowering.

Though there are those who take very long to kill, especially at the G-Rank level.

MsclMexican2060d ago


Still an awesome game

MrGunny942060d ago

MGS boss battles were the best to me :) Always fun because either you could kill them or Tranq them!

CarlitoBrigante2060d ago

All the boss battles in Sony exclusive games are awesome and epic.

lorianguy2060d ago

I'd say Uncharted 3 was epic because of the running away afterwards and the stealthy following beforehand, but the actual fight with Talbot is incredibly short.

NewMonday2060d ago

the sniper battle vs the End was very memorable

Solid_Snake372060d ago

Here´s a useful strategy for the End: Try to sneak up behind him and run your ass after him when he runs away

NBT912060d ago

Or if you are fighting The End, set your clock forward a week or so lol

QuodEratDemonstrandm2059d ago

Or you can hit him early before you get to Sokrovenno. It's right after the stream with the guys on the hover pads. If you're quick with the SVD you can cap him while he's in his wheelchair. Of course then there's a team of Ocelots patrolling Sokrovenno, but you can slip past them.

karam2060d ago

My longest boss battle was in POKEMON GOLD against ASH

Using lvl50 pokemons to beat 80-90lvl was my ultimate joy

Notice: I was only 10 at that time

trenso12060d ago

Yea I did that challenge as well, I also tried it with just 3 high leveled Pokemon my feraligator almost fainted. Feels good winning a battle like that and you have less than 20 HP

jthamind2060d ago

i've heard some of the boss battles in the Persona games on PS2 are ridiculously long. my own longest boss battle was against Penance in Final Fantasy X. i imported the International version and a PAL PS2 just to play the full game.

tigertron2060d ago

I think some of the longest boss battles I've ever had were from FFX and X-2.

bozebo2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

FF12 had some crazy long bosses, you know in the MH ripoff side mission things.

I never got to fight penance in FFX though because my damn save would always corrupt in that game after fighting dark ixion :S

TheColbertinator2060d ago


The fights against Nyx and Elizabeth in Persona 3 are incredibly long.

LordLaguz2060d ago

Some bosses on persona 4 really took me a long time, of course i didn't have the best party setup, and i play more defensive, but it was fun that i was fighting against both the boss and my MP bar, if the boss make you heal every turn, and you don't attack for a while, you will die because you cant heal yourself anymore.

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