Aritcle on Diablo 3 Petition for Renewed artistic direction

A fair amount of gamers have signed a internet petition about to try to get blizzard to renew there artistic direction of diablo 3. Images show what they are talking about and what they want. They have over 64,000 people that signed it.

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achmetha2276d ago

I agree about it needing to be darker. But why add film grain...that IMO looks crappy.

TopDudeMan2276d ago

It does look better with the darker art style.

Baka-akaB2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Their choices are far worse imo . Generic dark , grey and dull ? Diablo 1 nor 2 werent exactly in those tones .

D2 even had a desert zone with full one sunshine outside and a lush jungle .

Even the interior of d1 the darkest game of the serie had lots of light .

this is straight from diablo 2 .

I doubt Blizzard will even take notice of the complaint further than they already did , nor should they . Let's not pretend the petitionner were going to boycott the game .

At worst all you need if you care is the attention of some modder

soundslike2276d ago

I agree

besides if you really want it to look as bland as 90 percent of other games out there, just turn down the saturation yourself...

h311rais3r2276d ago

Much nicer. It looks like it fits the mood better. I do not like d3 art style at all tbh

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The story is too old to be commented.