GTA 5: PC Version for Windows 7 and Vista Sighted

PC Games writes: "Amazon is now accepting pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto 5.In addition, the German online retailer list a PC version of the action game from Rockstar Games for Windows 7 and Windows Vista". Check out more details about that after the break!

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opinska2215d ago

We all know eventually GTA5 will make its way to the PC. I mean Rockstar is not dumb, they know they will sale tons of copies on the PC as well as on the consoles...

Ezio20482215d ago

he did get his statement wrong but he is absolutely right.

Rockstar would never want to squabble out PC on which they can sell millions on copies.
I still remember when my friend tried out GTA SA on his PC and it did not work. I tried the same copy and it worked on that look on his face. =P

ATi_Elite2215d ago

Of Course..........but a few months after the console versions of course!

GTAIV PC started off as crap but became very very good with all the mods.

Derekvinyard132215d ago

you know what i would love to see, when gta4 came out on PC it had this recording/edit feature that consoles dident have. imagine if they did that for 5?

Agent_hitman2215d ago

Great!, it's nice to know that there will be a GTA V PC version.

Kamikaze1352215d ago

GTA has always been on PC. What makes anybody think this would be any different?

Hufandpuf2215d ago

Ikr, idk why people are acting like this is big news.

AzaziL2215d ago

It'll be news if it releases alongside consoles for the first time

theeg2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

unless they release it on next gen consoles and it's 1080p, 60 frames with 4-8x anti aliasing, I wont even consider renting it on console, when i can play it on pc with above specs

we needed new consoles a year ago!

steve30x2214d ago

Dont forget long draw distance. The consoler version of GTA Iv didnt have that long draw distance of the PC and had popup scenery every once in a while. It would be nice if that was fixed in GTA V for consoles

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