Brew: PS3 Blu-ray; Xbox 360 GTA IV; Wii shortage

In Brew #101, host Marcus Lai discusses PS3 Blu-ray; Xbox 360 GTA IV; Wii shortage

News articles discussed in Brew #101 include:

Sony chief pleased with Wii hardware shortage

GTA IV exclusive episodes capped at two on Xbox 360

Nintendo debunks Wii third-party discontent

PS3 update adds Blu-ray Profile 1.1

GameStop Wii raincheck program one-day only

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name3643d ago

Only 2 episodes =/ for 50 million?

TheMART3643d ago

Doesn't matter. A real GTA fan will want to have the full GTA experience and thus buy a 360.

You know the PS2 didn't sell that well untill GTA was released, do you? It determined last gens victory for the PS2. This game alone in it's full version only on the 360, could do the same this gen in favour of the 360.

CrazzyMan3643d ago

maybe over 14 mln.? =))

Power of Blu3643d ago

Nah Mart, A real GT4 fan wants to play GT4. Only extremist fanboys like your self would be that bothered about these 2 DLC packs. GT4 will be complete without your precious little add ons. The DLC is extra and I really don't see it being a game breaker for the PS3 version. GTA San Andreas was so big a lot of people failed to complete it. GTA4 is gonna be awesome on both systems but the extra 2 little additions aren't going to blow anybody away.

The Killer3643d ago

they dont complete the experience but rather extend it or put extra things!! the real experience is the original game! i think these to extra episodes are like giving the guy more weapons and extra vehicle and introduce some new bosses with new missions thats all!! in my opinion vice city didnt add anything new to the original GTA 3! so 360 fans be happy to get EXTRA THINGS(missions, vehicle, weapons, characters) but u wont get different experience thats for sure!!
different experience = GTA 5

Panthers3642d ago

the 2 episodes will probably be cheesy extras that dont matter and probably have little to do with the center story.

InMyOpinion3642d ago

If you are buying a console to play GTA IV, would you go with the console that grants you the option to play 2 extra episodes or the version that does not grant you the option at all?

The Killer3642d ago

i rather save my money to buy gta 5 rather than 2 extra content! and i think most people prefare that, plus ps3 version will be better (IF) they optimize it well! they have the extra space and extra processing power!

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IGNFTW3643d ago


name3643d ago

You have to PAY for the content. Are you not playing the full halo if you didn't buy the new map packs? Are you not playing the full motorstorm if you didn't buy the new decals? And are you not playing the full gta if you arent playing the downloadable content the PS3 is also getting? Stop being a fanboy man, you're being more of a cheerleader rather than a player to be honest.

killer_trap3643d ago

don't waste your breath on the mart. and i agree with everything you said. welcome to bubble land.

just enjoy the game wherever it it people.

name3643d ago

IMO the only influence about which version of a game you should get is

1. the community
2. the controller
3. whichever system you play the most

Most of the differences in games are so nitpicky to the point where absolutely no game could possibly be considered identical.

Legion3643d ago

For the most part yes, but I have every adapter you can get and my PS buddies love using there PS controller on my 360. (most have learned to love the 360 controller OVER the PS though)

Bubble for you.

killer_trap3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

well i've got both systems.. I'll just wait just in case there is a difference in graphics or frame rate between the two versions. it's true i like the ps3 controller better, but only because i've been using it for 10 years.

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